Amazon Echo Look is a virtual assistant with an eye for style

Amazon Echo Look
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The Amazon Echo and Alexa are a great combination. You can get Alexa to play music, get news and updates, control your smart home, and more – all via your voice. But what if you wanted more? What if you wanted Alexa to see?

Well, the great news is, your wish is granted. The new Echo Look is everything the much-loved Echo and Echo Dot are, but now gains a hands-free camera and an affinity for fashion.


Amazon Echo Look

The Echo Look packs a depth-sensing 5MP camera and LED lighting that lets you take selfies. Naturally, all you need to do is pose and say, “Alexa, take a photo” or “Alexa, take a video.”

Photos are uploaded instantly to the new Echo app. You can share these to Facebook and Instagram or you can even view a livestream of what Echo Look is recording.


I did mention that the Echo Look has an affinity for fashion. Here’s the deal – it comes with a “Style Check” feature.

Combining Amazon’s machine learning algorithms, it offers opinions about what you’re wearing. Especially useful, if you’re girlfriends aren’t around.

Watch the demo video below:

In the demo video, Style Check tell users which outfit looks best, based on current trends and what’s flattering for their body shape.

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The app learns as you use it more, and gets better with time.

The Echo Look retails for USD199/MYR864, but unfortunately you can’t buy one outright. You can request an invitation to buy from the Echo Look page.

Source: Amazon, Techspot


Amazon Echo Look Amazon Echo Look Amazon Echo Look Amazon Echo Look

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