Akamai Releases Second Quarter 2011 ‘State of the Internet’ Report

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Akamai Technologies, Inc., the leading cloud platform for high-performing user experiences on any device globally, has released its Second Quarter, 2011 ‘State of the Internet’ report. Akamai publishes the report every quarter and it includes data gathered from across the Akamai Intelligent Platform pertaining attack traffic, broadband adoption, mobile connectivity, and other relevant topics and trends concerning the Internet and its usage. Akamai Intelligent Platform serves 30% of the world’s web traffic at any one time. Large enterprises like Apple use the Akamai infrastructure to deliver services including streaming media (the keynotes we watch are served through Akamai).

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Some interesting findings highlighted in the report – Brazil logged the highest quarter-over-quarter growth for the number of unique IPv4 addresses with a 9 percent increase (15 million addresses). Following closely behind is Japan. In Europe’s Top 10, Italy tops the numbers with 14 million addresses, an QoQ increase of over 5 percent.

Average connection speeds of mobile operators worldwide range from 200kbps to 5Mbps with over three quarters of providers surveyed offered average connections speeds of over 1Mbps. Average peak connection speeds for 108 mobile providers worldwide analyzed by Akamai, a range of 23.4 Mbps as the fastest to 1.2 Mbps as the slowest was reported.

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Asian cities continue to dominate the Top 100 fastest cities in the world, including 59 cities including 59 cities in Japan, 10 cities in South Korea, as well as Hong Kong.

In terms of broadband connectivity, the Netherlands comes out tops in high broadband adoption, boasting 68 percent of its country’s connections to Akamai above 5Mbps. Hong Kong and South Korea achieved 59 percent and 58 percent high broadband adoption, respectively.

Download the full report here – www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet

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