8 states say no to CMCO on 4 May

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In a case of “too much, too soon,” the majority of states in the country are taking a cautionary approach to the federal government’s directive to allow most businesses to open come 4 May 2020. Selangor, Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, Pulau Pinang, and Pahang are exercising more constraint and limiting business and social activity in view of the existing COVID-19 threat.


The Selangor state government acknowledges the need to balance the need to revive the economy and the welfare of the people. Hence, it is taking a cautionary approach to ensure there is no “crash landing” of COVID-19 cases. The state government is making the use of face masks compulsory.

While eateries such as restaurants, food courts, hawker centres, and kiosk can operate (7.00AM until 10.00PM), dine-in is prohibited. Only take-away, delivery, and drive-throughs are allowed.

Food trucks and roadside stalls can operate starting 12 May 2020. Petrol stations, mini markets, and convenience stores are also allowed to open.

Hiking activity is disallowed, likewise with public and community parks until further notice. For public transport, the Smart Selangor bus service will be operational in stages starting 6 May 2020.


The Kedah state government is postponing the implementation of the CMCO pending a decision by a special state Security Working Committee meeting on COVID-19 happening on Tuesday. This is to fine-tune requirements and guidelines of the CMCO to ensure it fits the state’s needs.

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The state government is committed to ensure Kedah remains a COVID-19 green zone and reiterated that the safety and welcome of the people will not be compromised.


Likewise, Pahang has chosen not to implement the CMCO on Monday and will wait for the State Security Council to decide at its meeting on Friday.

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah today announced that six COVID-19 cases have been detected in a new cluster at a tahfiz school in Lanchang, Temerloh. Pahang has to date, recorded 305 COVID-19 cases with six yellow zones.


Penang will continue implementing the MCO until 8 May while it prepares a comprehensive guideline for CMCO. In a nutshell, only essential businesses identified under phase 1-3 of the MCO will be allowed to operate as per normal.

Hotels, malls, shopping centres, and tourism outlets remain close. Likewise, pre-school, barbers, and hair salons continue to be prohibited. Outdoor activities are banned and eateries are allowed to only conduct deliveries and take-away options.

The state government is devising its own three-stage progressive plan to opening up the economy.


Sabah will not implement CMCO on 4 May but instead will continue the implementation of Phase 4 of the MCO, which ends on 12 May. The decision was made to contain the spread of the pandemic and to ensure the people are not exposed to the virus.

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Taking into account the state’s COVID-19 cases, logistics capability, the capacity of the health department, and geographical circumstances, the Sarawak state government found that the reopening of activities will not be conducive for the state. The reopening of economic activities will be announced in stages, after every detail of the SOP and guidelines are studied.

For companies who have received MITI (Ministry of International Trade Industry) approvals during MCO Phase 4, must still get the state’s approval through the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) before they are allowed to operate.

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