Facebook Messenger is #2 most popular iOS app ever, hits 1 billion monthly users

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Facebook has hit another major milestone. Its messaging app—Facebook Messenger has breached the 1 billion mark, in the number of monthly users. This makes Messenger the top most popular iOS app of all time, second only to Facebook.

Facebook’s other messaging service—WhatsApp also hit the 1 billion mark, back in February.

Every month, more than one billion messages are sent between people and businesses. People send over 17 billion photos to friends through Messenger every month. GIFs are absolutely fun, and people sent more than 22 million GIFs via Messenger every day. Just so you know, that’s 254 GIFs per second. And it’s pronounced ‘jif’ by the way.

Take it to the max GIF

Another popular element in instant messaging is stickers. There are more than 250 sticker packs in Messenger, with more than 4,000 stickers. I still prefer GIFs though.

The bot platform Facebook introduced for Messenger at F8 has grown to over 18,000 bots—a big jump from 11,000 just 20 days ago.

Are you a Facebook Messenger user? What do you like about it? What’s your favourite feature?
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