Wiko Highway Pure Swarovski Edition review: Absurdly thin and not a bad smartphone either

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Wiko Highway Pure


In 2014, the OPPO R5 became the world’s thinnest smartphone at just 4.85mm thick. Its record didn’t hold up for long though, as fellow Chinese phone maker vivo rolled out an even thinner X5 Max at 4.75mm thick. While not the thinnest, the Wiko Highway Pure is still impossibly svelte at 5.1mm. I had a couple of weeks with the device, and I find out if ultra thinness means everything.

So, what’s with this obsession with being the thinnest and how does this translate to user experience?

Wiko Highway Pure

Design and build: Think thin, think bling

If there was ever a thing called an anorexic phone, the oddly-named Wiko Highway Pure would be it. It’s not a bad thing though because it looks really good.

At 5.1mm thick, I really don’t need to describe to you how insanely thin it is. The when-you-turn-it-to-the-side-it-disappears kind of thin. It’s mind-blowing. Made of aluminum and glass, it exudes elegance and disguises the mid-range phone that it is. The dual-colour frames makes the phone appear even thinner.

Wiko Highway Pure Wiko Highway Pure

Being the Swarovski Edition, it has 16 Swarovski Zirconia crystals embedded in the volume and power buttons, adding that touch of bling to the entire outlook. No points guessing that Wiko’s targeting the fairer sex with this one.

The phone isn’t just thin, it’s also super light – tipping the scales at a mere 98g. Just to put things into perspective, the iPhone 6s weighs 143g, already considered a lightweight phone. You can say it weighs nothing, and that wouldn’t be far from the truth.

The overall design is clean and minimalist, with a barely there micro-USB port and 3.5mm mic jack at the bottom.

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The front is generic-looking with the stark white fascia framing the 4.8-inch display. There are no physical nor capacitive buttons.

Round back, there’s a non-protruding camera and LED flash.

I find it pleasing, and it feels good in the hand, too.

Wiko Highway Pure

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If elegance and a little bit of bling is your thing, then the Wiko Highway Pure might be perfect for you. Looks aside, the Highway Pure performs generally well as a modern day smartphone. Too bad it’s a single-SIM phone. That aside, the Highway Pure is a nice, decent package that looks good.

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