Wiko Fever glow-in-the-dark smartphone hands-on review

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Wiko Fever


A smartphone that glows in the dark? What on earth is going on? That was my first impression when I heard about the Wiko Fever. Wiko’s the #2 French smartphone maker that set foot in Malaysia earlier in the year, bringing three products in its portfolio. I set out to see if the Fever was all gimmick, or if there actually was a decent MYR800 smartphone underneath.

Wiko may not be a name you’ve heard about before. The French smartphone maker in fact, has been around since 2011, though only making an entrance here in January. It’s a fun, quirky brand and it calls itself a ‘game changer.’ It has over 30 products in its stable, though only three have made it to Malaysian shores for now.

Wiko Fever

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The Wiko Fever packs tremendous value as a smartphone below MYR800. A pretty good looking device – surprisingly well-built, and feels great in the hands. Plenty of extras in the box including SIM adapters, screen protector and hard casing. Performance is snappy and while it’s not the phone for 3D gaming, it copes well with everyday tasks. If you’re in the market for an affordable smartphone, this is worth a look.

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  • Eva

    Is it the phone really glow in the dark? For real?

    • Yes, but not super bright, and it’s just around the frame. Helps you locate it in darkness, or at night 🙂