New Digi Postpaid gives you up to 20GB of data

New Digi Postpaid
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The local telco scene is really hotting up by the looks of it. Digi has just unleashed its new Digi Postpaid plan that will definitely put big smiles on data-hungry users. The new plan offers up to 20GB of data, and the cool thing is, you’ll be able to bring forward unused data quota to the following month.

The new Digi Postpaid comes in a selection of two main categories with six rate plans each. There’s something for everybody depending on your budget and data quota requirements. There’s More Internet for those who love surfing the web, stream video and download. Next, there’s More Calls & SMS for those who love talking and texting.

For more internet

The entry-level plan starts from MYR28/month, which bundles 1GB of data quota with 50 mins talktime, 50 SMS. You’ll be able to carry forward up to 500MB of data.

The top-of-the-line MYR238/month plan gives you an unprecedented 20GB of data, 1000 minutes of calls and 1000 SMS per month. The great thing is, it allows you to carry forward up to 9GB of data per month. So fret not if you don’t use up your data.

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Personally, I think the mid-range MYR68/month plan gives you the most bang for buck. You’ll get 7GB of data (2GB rollover), 150 mins talktime and 150 SMS.

From MYR68 plans onwards, you get unlimited music streaming with Apple Music, Spotify, and Joox; as well as unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat messaging. There’s also full access to iFlix for 12 months.

For more calls & text

The bottom-rung MYR28/month plan gives you 500MB of data (250MB rollover) with unlimited calls and SMS to 3 Digi friends. You’ll also get full access to iFlix for 60 days.

The top-of-the-line MYR218/month plan gives your 13GB of data quota (5GB rollover) with unlimited calls and text. Like the More Internet plan, you’ll get free unlimited music streaming, free IM messaging and 12-month free access to iFlix.

Note that the three highest options are available for a limited time only. Do sign up before 30 June 2016.

Unlimited roaming from MYR10/day

Similar to MaxisONE’s DataSaver roaming deal, you can enjoy unlimited instant messaging at MYR10/day while roaming under the “Budget Traveller” roaming option. You’ll need to manually select the roaming operator in the country you visit though.

For unthrottled data speeds and unrestricted internet access, the “Frequent Traveller” roaming option at MYR36/day will be the best option. It’s convenient and offers peace-of-mind, as operator selection is automatic. So no bill shocks.

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This new offering is available in selected countries namely Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Digi’s growing LTE network

Digi still claims it has the widest 4G LTE network, at 72% coverage of populated areas across 150 towns and cities in Malaysia. Its LTE-A network coverage currently stands at 31%. The yellow telco has commenced VoLTE tests and are expected to roll this out commercially end of this year.

Initial thoughts

This is an aggressive move by Digi in the postpaid front. As data consumption increases, it is timely for telcos and providers to revise their plans to meet demands. Digi’s move is by the far the most significant this year. It will be interesting how other telcos react to this.

Regardless, great move for the benefit of consumers.

Are you on Digi? If not, are you enticed to switch?

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