[CES 2015] New Lenovo YOGA family brings Any Pen technology and RealSense 3D to consumers

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Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro

Launched at CES 2015, the new lineup of Lenovo YOGA convertibles and tablets sport nifty new tech to bring even more interactivity and flexibility to consumers. The YOGA family has been extremely successful and popular since its introduction in 2010. The slew of new YOGA devices include the YOGA 3 in both 11-inch and 14-inch models (in 13-in chassis); the ThinkPad YOGA (12-inch) for businesses; 14-inch and 15-inch for prosumers with optional Intel RealSense 3D camera; and finally the 8-inch YOGA Tablet 2 with Windows featuring Lenovo AnyPen Technology.

Yoga 2 Tablet

Lenovo AnyPen Technology: Look ma, no stylus

Lenovo’s AnyPen Technology is an innovative writing solution that enchances the flexibility of the YOGA Tablet 2 even further. The new tech lets you use any pen, pencil or any conductive material as a handwriting tool or input device.

The technology is handy and highly intuitive and accurate. AnyPen also eliminates having to purchase a separate stylus, nor have the risk of losing one.

Lenovo AnyPen is exclusive to the Yoga Tablet 2 8-inch with Windows. The Yoga 2 Tablet featuring a new Hang mode when it was launched late last year, is a multimedia powerhouse with two front-facing speakers, Wolfson Master Hi-Fi noise reduction and Dolby Audio. it packs a high-res 8-in FHD display and Intel Atom processor and provides extremely long battery life of up to 15 hours.

The YOGA Tablet 2 8-inch runs Windows 8.1.

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