eBay.com.my All Set For the Holiday Season

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Joyce Kirsten Wong aka Kinkybluefairy

eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, is all set to be the online destination for Malaysians to find the best gift bargains and fantastic must-haves.

eBay is a safe and hassle-free way to buy presents for the coming holidays. There are millions of new product listings to choose from, and ebay.com.my offers the biggest online selection of global merchandise in Malaysia.

The online marketplace may have gained popularity as an auction site and a used items marketplace years ago, but now houses over 400 million live individual and merchant listings at any given time, with most being new and fixed-priced merchandise.

Shoppers can also save up to 70% off a selection of exclusive deals.

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Joyce Wong and Gene Cleckley

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Gene Cleckley, eBay spokesperson who met up with Malaysian media during a special eBay Trunk Show a couple of days ago, said, “We’ve all experienced that moment during the festive season when we need to find that special gift but we can’t seem to find the time. At eBay, we offer the largest collection of online brands and spectacular deals, anytime, anywhere.”

In an ambitious user interface update late last year, eBay introduced a more user-centric, tailored shopping experience. A new feature called The Feed works as a personalised shopper at your fingertips.

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Punk rock

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eBay.com.my’s welcoming of the holiday season kickstarted with an exclusive Trunk Show featuring popular fashionista and blogger Joyce Kirsten Wong, who specially curated four unique looks from the online store. Joyce is a keen watcher of fashion trends in Southeast Asia.

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Joyce said, “Women in Malaysia are fast becoming more influential and have greater earning power. Included in that power is our ability to shop for whatever, wherever and whenever we please!”

Convenient and simple, eBay also offers a plethora of payment options such as credit card, debit card, and online bank transfer. Users can also link their eBay and PayPal accounts for faster checkout.

eBay is also available via smartphones. Download the eBay app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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