Waze Officially Comes to Windows Phone

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Waze, the popular community-based mapping, traffic & navigation app has officially come to Windows Phone 8. The handy app has been a popular download on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 OS platforms.

The 38MB download is now available on the Windows Store. Availability will depend on region though.


With 50 million users and growing, Waze is a long-awaited addition to the Windows Phone family.

From the snapshots off the official Windows Store page, the WP8 version doesn’t look overly different from versions from other platforms, and the feature set looks similar as well.

Waze was of course, recently acquired by Google.

Download and start outsmarting traffic, saving time, gas and money! And honk if you see me on the road – @vernieman

I’ll post more findings once I’ve got it installed on the Lumia 520 and  Lumia 720. Strangely, it cannot be found in the local Windows Store.

*UPDATE (August 6, 2013): Download Waze for Windows Phone directly from Waze, (incorrectly linked to Windows Mobile version) or from the US Windows Store.

Thanks to @smashpop for the tip.

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  • xyes

    he still doesn’t understand… sigh…

    • Yes, understand it’s a beta (no longer private) Official release is only for Windows Mobile, not Windows Phone 8.

      You can download manually from the Windows Store.

    • Sorry for the misinformation. Will post an update. Thanks.

  • Hi Lynx, thanks for the note. Corrected.

  • Paolo

    is a private beta, Waze wasn’t released yet…

  • Paolo

    http://www.waze.com/download is for Windows Mobile, not Windows Phone…

  • Also your link to Waze in Waze.com is for Windows Mobile; not Windows Phone.

  • lynxlee

    Not able to install – Beta version doesn’t show “install” when I logged in.

    • It seems the availability of new Waze is dependent on locality. We’ve not been able to install either, even changing region to US doesn’t work yet.

  • No link to download in your post. ????

    • Added download links in post. Thanks. 🙂