AMD Unleashes World’s First 5Ghz Processor

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AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition_l

AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition_l

AMD‘s legendary FX series of CPUs recently received a major boost with the introduction of the world’s first commercially available 5Ghz processor – the AMD FX-9590. Revealed at the recently concluded E3, the 8-core FX-9590 is expected to deliver new levels of gaming and multimedia performance.

The new 5Ghz FX-9590 and 4.7Ghz FX-9370 feature the “Piledriver” architecture, comes unlocked out-of-the-box to enable easy overclocking, something enthusiasts and hardcore gamers love to do to enhance performance. These processors also feature AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology to dynamically optimise performance across CPU cores, and enable maximum computing for the most intensive workloads.

AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition_l

The new AMD FX CPUs will be available from system integrators worldwide beginning this summer.

AMD was the first to break the 1Ghz barrier in 2000, and continue to push boundaries in innovation, including the producing the first Windows compatible 64-bit PC processor and first native dual-core and quad-core processors. AMD also introduced the first APU (combining CPU and Radeon graphics on a chip) and the first x86 quad-core system on chip (SoC).

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