Why Buying The iPad Mini Isn’t A Good Idea

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iPad mini
iPad mini

The iPad mini. Yay? Or nay?

Apple finally introduced a somewhat affordable tablet a few months after the likes of Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD made their mark in the market. It’s a completely different landscape for Apple this time around since it has gone from being a stage-setter by creating the tablet market to a being a mere follower by creating its version of a product that has already been introduced before.

It seems that Apple suddenly got scared of its competitors. Since the death of its founder Steve Jobs, it seems that the company lost its zest for disrupting existing markets and creating innovative, immaculate devices. It has now become open to taking the back seat and peering at the rear view mirror – something that hardcore fans of the brand aren’t used to. Its latest release, the junior version of the well-received iPad tablet, has specifically become the target of critics due to its unimpressive qualities. If you’re planning to get one, here are a few points that would make you reconsider your impending purchase of the iPad mini.

Sub-par specs

It doesn’t make that much sense that the iPad mini’s specifications aren’t on par with its bigger brothers, the iPad 3 and the iPad 4. Case in point, the screen doesn’t have Retina display. Plus, Apple has thrown in the “outdated” A5 chip into the device instead of the A6 chip present in newer devices. Apple said they had to resort to entry-level specs to minimise production costs that inevitably results to lower prices on the shelves – but I’m not buying it. Perhaps it’s their way of getting rid of the surplus of old manufacturing components (that’s just a personal theory, though). Had they made the iPad mini sport the Retina display or an A6 chip, then people wouldn’t be as disappointed even if it was $50 more expensive.

iPad mini

Look, now it fits my hand perfectly! But not for some ladies.

Less immersive

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While deciding on the size of a tablet really boils down to a matter of personal preference, a 7-inch tablet will never be better than a 10-inch tablet. Even if you fill it with all the bells and whistles in terms of display, GUI, or hardware, it will never be as immersive as a 10-inch tablet when it comes to viewing photo slideshows, watching videos, reading email or internet fax, browsing websites, playing games, and basically everything you’d want to do with a touchscreen device. It’s just not cut out to be “superior” to a full-sized tablet with fairly acceptable specs.

Too expensive

Granted, you’re really after the portability of the iPad mini rather than the specs. But for a starting price of $199 for the 16 GB version, you can get a similarly sized and equally powerful counterpart in Google’s Nexus 7. The $130 price difference (the iPad mini starts at $329) between the two can be a huge deciding factor, especially when you’re planning to download tons of apps. And let’s face it, even if Apple’s App Store is host to, shall we say, more “premium” apps, it wouldn’t be too hard so search for their Android counterparts on Google Play with a little diligence – and $130 is a lot of money for apps, mind you. The built-in apps for the iPad just won’t cut it if you want to maximize the use of your device.

Measly issues

There are some small issues that potential buyers might find distracting about this new pseudo-tablet from Apple. Take note of the list below and see if you’ll be having second thoughts about buying the iPad mini after reading this:

  • For girls with smaller hands, the iPad mini can be awkward to hold with one hand.
  • iPad mini-optimized versions of apps are still on their infancy.
  • There aren’t as many accessories like cases, bags, and protectors available on the iPad mini as compared to the normal-sized iPads.
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But hey, the iPad mini is still selling like hotcakes despite the few objections customers and critics have prior to and following its release. What’s been imprinted upon users’ minds is the collective belief fact that people would buy the iPad mainly for its portability. So if you need a 7-inch tablet but hate Android or any other OS available, then buy the iPad mini; it’s as simple as that.

Would you still consider buying the iPad mini? Hit the comments below and let us know.

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  • iAwani

    in my point of view, Apple creatse iPad Mini just because Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire is quite popular, so Apple say iPad Mini is their answer to that, just like MacBook Air 11 become an answer to netbook popularity among computer users in 2009-2010.

  • Oh why…

  • feeza

    hmm..mybe i shud take nexus 7

  • Calvin ng

    Oh I will like to add in term of holding with 1 hand for ladies iOS now build in finger rejection which works wonders… Ou don’t need to hold it at the back stretching your fingers just hold it like a diary or book the os will reject the fingers.

    I’m using both device although I need more time to do detail comparison but initial feel I can conclude this

    1. iOS overall has better apps
    2. Android offers flexibility but there is frame drop from browsers I do not know why
    3. iOS 6 still a little buggy here and there notice it in the keyboard area
    4. I love the back camera on mini
    5. N7 more sharp but color a little pale vs mini
    6. Mini is not native 16:9 so watching movies is a let down
    7. Speaker on mini is even better than my notebook which is a dell vostro it is so rich in sound
    8. I like android widget damn youuuu apple gimme widget
    9. Mini is really light but allu at back haihhh I need a case…

    I don’t know man now seems like I like the nexus but I love the mini more

    • I pretty much agree with all the points you’ve laid out. Very good and valid points.

      I guess in the end, it really boils down to what makes the user tick. I personally like the Nexus 7, but I also like the iPad mini, despite its shortcomings.

  • Already have the now old NEW IPAD… So not thinking of getting the iPad mini.

  • calvin_ng

    you cut and paste from review in USA which is not fair… in Malaysia a Nexus 7 sell for RM899 and Ipad Mini sell for RM999 which is just RM100 difference… I’m a user of both device and I will tell you ipad mini is way more better experience than nexus 7 which suffers frame drop even 4.2 jellybean… although N7 has more hardware superiority it does not matter when the software cannot take full use of the hardware it does not give me a great smooth experience and iPad mini although outdated A5 and 512mb of ram I dont feel it it feels great and the smoothness of the touch it is great experience…

    • Ajax

      kinda agree with u for the price of both… but comparing the 3G version, nexus 7 rm1099 compare with ipad mini 1699, nexus 7 is a good buy.. for me both got their own pro and cons.. it just depend own budget and liking.. n7 is definitely worth its price for the 3G version.. but i like the extra wider screen in ipad mini.. and of cos the smoothness and gaming experience in the ios..the build quality just make the ipad mini a true beauty…Those who are currently using android device may get nexus 7 and the other way round.. but i take ipad mini with android handset just because i want to experience 2 different os at the same time and compensate the cons of the 2 ..

    • I think critically, it boils down to whether you are more comfortable with iOS or Android. Both hardware platforms are solid. But yes, I do agree that hardware superiority does not necessarily mean a better user experience overall.