Looking at a broke 2005


I hate Steve Jobs. I really do. He has this uncanny ability to judge the market. He knows what we want. He knows what we will want in the future. He rocks. He is GOD. Not satisfied that the original iPod and its siblings enjoy 50% of the digital music player market, he introduces the ultra-cool iPod Shuffle.

iPod Shuffle – Tiny but Mighty!

I am salivating and just cannot wait to get my hands on one. Or two. Available in 512MB and 1GB versions, the tiny iPod Shuffle starts at USD99. I’m peeing my pants in excitement. This is huge, doods.

Oh btw, catch the iPod Shuffle ad.

Mac Mini – Also Tiny but Also Mighty!

Oh, one more thing. The super-small Mac Mini. Whoa. Powered by either a 1.25Ghz or 1.42Ghz PowerPC G4 processor, it isn’t the quickest in the market, but it IS the cheapest Mac money can buy at USD499 – that’s equivalent to less than 2,000 Agong heads. RM2,000! Excluding monitor of course. Hitting the sub-USD500 market is an excellent idea. And what’s better to have your choice of el cheapo PC-monitors to go with it. 😀 This is BIG doods. BIG. Humongous.

And I want this. And the iPod Shuffle. And the iPod Mini. And a Powerbook. Sorry for being greedy. But they rock!

I Love You, Steve. I declare 2005 the Year of the Mac.

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By Vernon

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Do you mean the Mac Mini? Should be less than RM2K. Which looks like a steal until (I finally realised this)… you find that it doesn’t come with a keyboard or a mouse. Which is totally wierd. Almost like buying a car without wheels.

But then again, it’s doing a very PC-like thing where you have a whole selection of keyboard + mice + peripherals to choose from. Especially a two-button mouse.

The base price point is good though. When can you ever buy a sub-RM2K Mac, ever?

Make a guess on how much the imini will be in Malaysia. My guess is RM1599. It makes more sense in Asia than in the west because the peripherals such as mouse, keyboard and monitor is cheaper and therefore we are getting more savings out of the imini than the Americans.

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