Satria R3: Addicted to Drive

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My apologies for the silence. Been too busy driving. Would love to have said “too busy driving fast”, but that would be lying. Not that I’m not tempted. Since getting my car precisely 3 days ago, I’ve done 400kms. I’m attempting to run-in the car as quickly as I can. Getting a little impatient running it in gently, self-limiting maximum revs to 3,000rpm per gear. That translates to around 105km/h top speed.

The most annoying thing is that the Satria R3 begs you to drive it hard and fast, whichever comes first. It’s such a confident drive and eager to just blast away at every gear change. I can attest to its handling prowess. It grips the road likes an eagle holds its prey in its claws. It is THAT good. Kudos R3. You petrolheads have really got the ride + handling department of the SR3 sorted out. I find myself looking for twisty roads because that’s where the SR3 truly excels. The inner roads which leads from Jalan Mahameru to Pusat Bandar Damansara is a nice twisty route to ‘feel’ the car. You can’t drive too fast here, but the succession of sometimes blind corners is quite a thrill.

It quite reminds me of the time in England where I drove a spanking new rented 2.0 litre Nissan Primera. The B-roads were a thrill. Really nice. Roads were twisty and the scenery just fabulous. 🙂 Miss flying through those corners.


Oh, I missed the iPod U2 launch event at Zouk today. 🙁 Quite disappointed to miss it. Bet everyone had fun. Drats.

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400kms and counting…

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    My good Buddy Vernon,

    you chicken’d out on the hard run-in or what? Whats all this slow, taking it easy stuff? Where has that motorman advice gone?? kekekeke

    Anyway I am glad you got your car. Now we can really get a true picture of it and I am happy you decided to take it easy on the car when new. hopefull no over eager young fart at PESC has deflowered your car FOC for you.

    The B-roads in UK are just fab. We have one route planned out just outside of Stafford and it had everything to test a car. off camber bends, rough road before corners, dual roads, sweeper blind bends (which i took at 150MPH in a BMW M5), you name it, it was there and boy do I miss it. 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning B-roads in UK. Bringing back great memories. Let me sit back and think of them now. My fellow colleagues will be wondering why I have a big grin on my face right not….

    regards and enjoy your Artiga..!


  • Anonymous

    hey narrowband,

    actually I did. click below:

  • Anonymous

    why don’t u blog about the R3. with pics and all. me and my friends would be so glad to see.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve stuck to my own better judgement and instinct to not push the car until its properly deflowered. And also heeding advise from veterans like you.

    Will be sure to give you a drive when its run-in.

    Oh, was advised to go full mineral till at least 10,000km. Have placed an order for Q8Oil mineral 15W/40.