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Hah. What do you know? Old farts die eventually. And the venerable 1st generation 5GB (with its much publicised battery deficiencies) is not spared. Lest mine. It’s been a trusty companion, my iPod. Bought it brand new and cheap way back in 2002. Whoever said the battery lasts 18 months, eat your heart out!

But alas, it IS dead. For good. It complained of low power this morning when I tried to power it up, so I brought it to the office (where I sync it with my office G5) to be charged. Weirdly, it didn’t power up. And it didn’t auto-launch iTunes. And no indication of whatsoever of any charging commencing. Weird.

So as of 5.45pm, November 18 2005, I pronounce my iPod ā€“ D-E-A-D.

I actually had plans to purchase the NewerTech iPod Replacement batteries, available via their online store, in the States. With up to more than 78% more capacity as compared to the Apple stock battery, the Lithium Polymer-based batteries are rated up to 2200mAh, as compared to Apple’s 1200-1230mAh.

Looks like I’ll be placing an order real soon! Just USD34.95, not a bad deal really.

My hands were itchy, and proceeded to rip my iPod apart to remove the old battery. View pics below šŸ™‚

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The iPod, powered by a Sony battery! No wonder! OEM Sony batteries tend to fcuk-up, whether on cameras, notebooks or other digital devices. Retail versions seem far better.

Oh well. Out with Sony, in with NewerTech!

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  • Anonymous

    hi all, now you can get your 1 gen ipod sonnet replacement battery for RM169 with 1 year local warranty.

    if you have any other question about your ipod, you can email us at [email protected] or purchase online at http://www.howwwhy.biz

    we have ex-stock for all ipods generation 1,2,3,4 and ipod mini .

    visit us at:
    F19 1st floor, Bangsar Village, 1 Jln Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru.

  • Anonymous

    šŸ™ your ipod battery die liao…*alarmed*…mine’s the same model as yours…*sobs* i hope mine won’t die out on me so soon…not until i’ve saved enough to get a new one…*sniff* now you got me worried liao…

  • Anonymous


    i am surprised. apple is very strong in australia. no stock perhaps?


    never mind bro. if it breaks, we’ll buy u an iPod video. Deal? šŸ˜€


    i’m never afraid to take things apart :D. I’ve done most generation imacs, powermacs, an iBook, emac. Waiting to open up my Powerbook to upgrade the drive. The ipod was a cinch.

  • Anonymous

    hey Vernon. Glad to see you’re not afraid to take your iPod apart.

  • Anonymous

    All i can say is… hope my mini lasts as long as ur 1st gen hehee…

  • Anonymous

    last pretty long wor. i’m still waiting for my delivery of the ipod video 30gb šŸ™‚ since can get student price and gst off somemore, mite as well get it since i never own a mp3 player heh. and the tax invoice arrive first, and my ipod’s no where to be seen. this apple australia kinda sucks.

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