17 C&C Titles For Only US$49.90

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Congratulations, Commander! The All-Time best selling strategy game series is still alive and kickin’ butt. The Command and Conquer series has gone a long way from discovering Tiberium to building Kirov airships and going back and forth in time. Now, you can relive all those memories in your latest operating systems!

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In conjunction with the celebration, an ultimate collection box featuring 17 titles in the C&C series is available for pre-order right now!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Redeemable download code for all 17 Command & Conquer titles on Origin™, including:

  1. Command & Conquer
  2. Command & Conquer™ The Covert Operations™
  3. Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™
  4. Command & Conquer Red Alert™ Counterstrike™
  5. Command & Conquer Red Alert™ The Aftermath™
  6. Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™
  7. Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ Firestorm™
  8. Command & Conquer Red Alert™ 2
  9. Command & Conquer Red Alert™ Yuri’s Revenge™
  10. Command & Conquer Renegade™
  11. Command & Conquer™ Generals
  12. Command & Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour
  13. Command & Conquer™ 3 Tiberium Wars™
  14. Command & Conquer™ 3 Kane’s Wrath
  15. Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3
  16. Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3 Uprising
  17. Command & Conquer™ 4 Tiberian Twilight
  18. Best of Command & Conquer music compilation
  19. Exclusive commemorative art
  20. Early access to the next Command & Conquer (coming 2013)
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Remember, it’s all for only US$49.90. I am so getting this.

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