[Review] Maxis’ New #Hotlink: Can Mobile Internet Really Be Free?

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New #Hotlink


New #Hotlink

Just several weeks ago, Maxis unveiled the new #Hotlink, a re-think and re-boot of its prepaid service. The new #Hotlink is the nation’s first and only prepaid plan that gives users continuous free basic internet. Yes, free internet. Anytime, anywhere. I took the new prepaid plan to the test.

What’s free basic internet?

Free basic internet simply means throttled data access that covers popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Google. As long as the prepaid plan is active, users get free basic internet access at 64Kbps. There are caveats, which we’ll explore in a bit.

What else?
The new #Hotlink offers low flat rates of 12 sen per 30 seconds for voice calls and 7 sen per SMS to ALL networks.

The prepaid plan also rewards users with 8% free airtime every 2 months, based on users’ cumulative top-up amounts. Not only that, users’ stand to gain other rewards via the new Hotlinks Rewards Program.

#Hotlink also offers the lowest IDD rates with IDD132 to Top 10 countries.

The new #Hotlink also supports data roaming to other countries although a minimum credit balance of RM10 is required.

Users can opt to subscribe to Mobile Internet Passes which provide flexible Daily, Weekly or Monthly data plans. With these passes, users will enjoy high speed mobile internet access of up to 42Mbps.

How much is the new #Hotlink plan?

A Starter Pack sets you back just RM8.80, that includes RM5 preloaded airtime. You get a 5-day active period upon activation and an additional 50-day de-active period.


Sending WhatsApp messages to yourself is quite… weird.

Free basic internet tested

So, I obtained a #Hotlink Starter Pack from Maxis to test. Just like any other prepaid service, you’ll need to have it activated with a valid IC or passport (if you’re a foreigner). Unfortunately, this cannot be done online, so I couldn’t get it activated until the next day when I stepped into a Maxis Centre. It took just five minutes to register and activate, and away I went.

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Now the goal of the review was to see how I’d cope with basic internet speeds of 64Kbps, and how long I’d last without reloading. Also, the difference in performance and usability when subscribed to a Mobile Internet Pass for unthrottled access.

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22 Comments on "[Review] Maxis’ New #Hotlink: Can Mobile Internet Really Be Free?"

    • Hi Chyee,

      Validity depends on the value of your reload. A RM30 reload will give you 30 days of validity. When you top-up it’s in ‘active mode’ means you get all the benefits of an active #Hotlink account.

      A ‘non-active’/deactive state is when you don’t reload or top-up. In this state you cannot make calls or SMS, only receive. The maximum period of non-active state is 50 days.

      Hope this answers your query.

  1. kamen91

    hai, i would like to ask. can i use this simcard for broadband to play online games with my laptop because online games need a consistent data transfer but they does not take alot of data

  2. HARDY

    Hye, i’m currently subscribing to validity 365, will it be cancelled if i change to #hotlink. My expiration date is on September 2014. I don’t really understand. Thank you.

  3. Broken Axe

    What if I’m still using the old hotlink plan ? Will the reload expiry be still the same ? Or will it be switched to the eg. RM 10/10 days reload expiry ?

    • If you’re on the old Hotlink plan, you can switch to #Hotlink and enjoy the benefits.

      All plans can migrate, except for Hotlink Youth Club, Hotlink Campus Edition, Hotlink Broadband, Hotlink Sabah/Sarawak/Terengganu/Kelantan Plan.

      1. Just dial *108*25# to upgrade to #Hotlink Plan.
      2. Alternatively, you can dial *100# > Hotlink Specials > Upgrade to New Hotlink Plan.

    • Boby, slight error in my previous post.

      Validity365 is not available for #Hotlink, because the proposition of #Hotlink is FREE Basic Internet. 5-day active and 50-day inactive validity.

      if you wish to have low maintenance and long validity for your Hotlink, you may stay in current plan and purchase Validity365 or Validity90 for long validity period.

  4. onn

    do we have to sign up any option like e.g daily 100mb or monthly 350mb to use the free plan? or just on the data automatically can surf for free without any surcharge once we pluged in our new sim card?

    • Good question. Ok here’s how it works. You do not need to subscribe to an Internet Data Plan if you don’t wish to. You do need however, to do a couple of things.

      Download the Opera browser. Using the supported Opera browser will give you free unlimited browsing, and also you’ll be able to use mobile-based Twitter and Facebook for free.

      You will of course need to keep the account active by reloading.

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