PunchTab Loyalty Reward Program to Discontinue

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PunchTab Rewards

PunchTab Rewards

The PunchTab Loyalty Reward Program was introduced with the primary objective of rewarding our loyal reader and fans like you. And it has to a certain extent served its purpose well. However, due to an increasingly high number of spam and spam-like accounts we have made a decision to halt the PunchTab reward system until further notice. We, however, will still hold giveaways, contests and freebies in the very near future.

We will still honour those who have redeemed their prizes and gifts (valid accounts, of course!), and fulfilment will be processed this week once we have your full details.

Thanks for your undying support!


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  1. piggy697

    Dear vernonchan, want to ask I had fill in the detail twice to redeem my prize since Jan and yet received my prize. I had composed an email to ask about the progress but received no reply, may I know is that my redemption faced any problem?

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