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How’s your online security? Hackers, government agencies, and advertising companies are all after your personal information, all the time. For ad companies, they just want to know what you’re buying so they can target you for more products and services you’re likely to spend money on. The NSA and other government agents mostly want to make sure you’re not a threat to national security, but do you really want them nosing through your bank statements? As for hackers, well, you don’t need to be told that identity theft is seriously bad news. Don’t let any of these snoops in.

With Kepard VPN service, you can maintain your privacy, which is pretty attractive, especially when it’s absolutely free!

Three lucky people are about to get three full months of Kepard VPN service at no cost at all with this amazing giveaway. Winners will have access to all of the services a Kepard account offers, including unlimited bandwidth, ridiculously fast data transfers, and more.

Is this Service for You?

A lot of people blithely go about their days, surfing the Internet, working and playing online, with all their information floating around completely unsecured. They think they don’t need any special security because, “It couldn’t happen to me.” The threats to personal information are everywhere, though. Hackers are constantly phishing for that data, and if you don’t protect yourself, they’ll get it and use it.

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Don’t worry, though. Security and protection are totally easy with Kepard’s VPN services.

Their massive network of servers deliver access to US VPN, Canadian VPN, UK VPN, and German VPN services. They’ve also just added new servers in the Netherlands, as well.

Wherever you are when you log in, Kepard’s VPN accounts can and will give you the best security on the market from security threats both seen and unseen. Kepard’s services protect you against hackers, phishers, government monitoring, malware, and more to keep your information safe and secure. Log on and surf wherever you want, even where site blackouts and restrictions apply.

Getting Started

Are you ready to enjoy more security online than ever before with no restrictions? All you need to do is follow the three easy steps below to enter in this amazing VPN account giveaway!

  1. Leave us a comment in the comments section below telling us why you should be chosen to for free VPN services. Remember, only three lucky people will win, so really sell it!
  2. Post the following text to your Twitter account: You can win 1 of 3 free VPN accounts from @kepard (RT to enter)
  3. Visit our Facebook page at Kepard Facebook page and “Like” the page. Then, check back regularly for exciting updates and to see if you’re one of the three lucky winners.
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Giveaway Deadline

Act now! Official kick-off for submission of entries start from 12:00PM, Friday, 3 July 2014, and ends 11:59AM, Friday, 10 July 2014.

Good luck! And don’t forget to visit us on Facebook to see if you’re a winner! Three months of free VPN service would be pretty amazing, right?

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