You can now watch YouTube videos even if you don’t have an internet connection

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Life can be boring without an internet connection. Especially when you’re looking forward to catching up on the latest YouTube video online. Here’s some good news. YouTube has now introduced an offline feature so it’s easier to enjoy its content on your mobile device. The feature is available on both Android and iOS. Malaysia now joins 80 other countries worldwide including Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam in enjoying this feature.

The new offline feature lets you download your favourite videos for offline viewing, via WiFi or your data plan. Once videos are saved to your device, it can be viewed without an active internet connection for up to 48 hours.

I recommend downloading when you have a WiFi connection so you save on cellular data.

In terms of download quality, you can opt for the lowest at 144p resolution, or up to HD 720p.

Look ma, no internet needed!

Adding the video for offline viewing is easy. Just tap on the offline icon (where available) and the video with download in the background.

You can access the videos from your YouTube profile page, under ‘Available offline.’

Google has said that much of the popular YouTube content within Malaysia is ready for offline viewing.

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Last year, YouTube launched its  subscription in the US, which also allows for offline viewing. For US$9.99, YouTube Red gives you access to YouTube content, minus ads. Let’s hope this comes to Malaysia soon.

For now, let’s enjoy the new YouTube offline feature, shall we?





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