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If you’re tired of feeling misled with “weekend-only” internet or “off-peak” data, then Celcom’s revamped Xpax Prepaid may be music to your ears. With its #NoKelentong call, things are now more simplified and straightforward.

“Kelentong” in Bahasa Melayu loosely means “cheat” or “mislead.” Now, I’m not sure if Celcom is admitting that they’ve been giving customers a roundabout all this while, or suggesting that competitors are. The messaging is a little dubious in my opinion. Regardless, keeping things simple is a win for consumers.

In a nutshell, Xpax #NoKelentong (yes, this is actually a product name) gives you 10GB of basic internet (64kbps) and an additional 10GB of Facebook data. Before you cry “64Kbps???” this is adequate for social updates, instant messaging and light browsing. 10GB is plenty for basic tasks. Note that the line needs to be active for you to quality for the freebies.

Now, here comes the cream. Unlike its predecessor – Xpax Turbo, allocated monthly high-speed data does not come with restrictions. Meaning, they’ve scrapped “Burung Hantu” or weekend data quota, or odd off-peak data. You have full access to all your data, anytime, anywhere. High-speed data here refers to either 3G or 4G speeds.

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Data plans are straightforward. They start from MYR3/day for 1GB, or if you prefer, grab the monthly plans which make more sense in the long run. There’s MYR30/month that gives you 5GB, while MYR50/month gives you a whopping 10GB.

Unlimited Yonder Music is bundled for free.

If you need a little bit more, Xpax #NoKelentong offers add-ons for MYR1/day. Select between unlimited calls to any network for one contact; Late Night Internet (1AM-7AM) with 1GB; or 1GB of YouTube data. Not quite Video-Onz, but at least there’s an option.

Alternatively, there’s a weekly option of MYR7/week that gives you unlimited free calls to 10 numbers; Late Night Internet worth 10GB; or 10GB of YouTube data.

A starter pack costs MYR10 and it comes with 200MB of high-speed data and MYR6 of credit. Call rates are 30sen/min, while the SMS rate is 15sen each.

If you’re an existing Xpax customer and wish to migrate tp the new Xpax, just send MIG XPAX to 28882.

Say #NoKelentong now at over 10,000 authorised Xpax resellers nationwide. More info at Xpax.

Are prepaid plans too complicated?


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  • angie

    this xpax package ady can defeat those postpaid plan,
    i think now more ppl will change to prepaid.
    somomore i heard since last month got double quota promotion.

    • Kaien Lim

      the promotion on add on.
      but i more interested with double data on video walla,
      becoz normally watching video data finish very fast, especially those HD video.

    • chia

      yesterday i bought video walla for weekly, rm7 can get 20gb, i think video walla also got double data.

    • HeartYen

      See prepaid need to topup everytime and scribe every week which need to monitor… why not just pay one time off for unlimited data and pay once a month…
      maybe previously now working already dont want fan about this kind of small small thing…

    • Jin

      but if use postpaid the cost was far high from prepaid, last time i use postpaid one month around rm200 bill, sometime unlimited data cannot finish also. wasting money only. tat’s y i change to xpax since xpax now also frequently got promotion on data. this double quota promotion i think until end of this month.

    • jiaqianwong

      i also prefer prepaid because save money as u can track on how much u hav spent., somemore many telco is doing promotion for prepaid plan, u dun have to tie to any contract and its more flexible.

    • MammyPk

      But dont you think postpaid you no need always topup… sometime emergency really happens than you will feel it… anywhere xpax rm7 can get up to 20gb quite attractive…

    • XiaoLoong Wong

      Now very seldom will finish our credit as double up data most of the time using whatsapp and whatsapp call… so credit very hard to finish it… that why we still using prepaid and hunt for huge data like xpax

    • Arisha20

      yaya true as well , a person like me who always at outside need to consume a lot of data and now luckily with xpax, i dun hav to worry my data is always out.

    • cecelia

      now even online banking can top up prepaid, i think is not a problem for top up, last time when i using postpaid also i bought another xpax prepaid becoz they always hv promotion on data. now i cancel my postpaid ady coz after i made calculation using prepaid itself is sufficient dy and can save more money.

    • Arisha20

      It depends la for me i feel like its fine and wont be tat troublesome because i m always a certain amount, nowadays alot of promotion is coming out for prepaid, hence i feel that it is good .

    • MammyPk

      This kind of promotion only short term so i still prefer postpaid unlimited data…
      xpax on off always have promotion but i like user friendly telco make thing easy…

    • XiaoLoong Wong

      Definitely, that why got both package let us choose ma… if not they combine one plan already… normally student era we all using prepaid until working era only change to postpaid most of the time… but prepaid wont be over spend ma…

    • jiaqianwong

      Cannot say small thing cuz if a little bit of the saving can be accumulated to a large amount, actually it depends on some prefer postpaid while some prefer prepaid, so there is no exact answer haha

    • Jin

      very cheap right, cheaper than postpaid data. normally i will buy monthly one, rm20 can get 30gb video walla data ady. i can finish my favour movie and drama tis yr end holiday.

    • angie

      if u need a lot of data maybe buy add on for monthly basis more worth than weekly basis. but the promotion going to end soon. until end of tis month only.

    • HeartYen

      Not really… i still using celcom instead of xpax…
      everytime need topup is a challanged for me… cant remember the expiry date…
      once reached expire date i totally cannot make call…

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