Xiaomi’s Qi-certified wireless charger costs a shocking USD15

Mi Wireless Charger
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Today, Xiaomi showed off a couple of nifty new things in Shanghai, including its new Mi MIX 2S, surprising Mi Gaming Laptop and Mi Ai Speaker mini. But that’s not all.

How do you feel about democratising wireless charging?

Let’s face it, wireless chargers can cost quite a bit. I’m talking Qi-standard, branded items from the likes of Belkin and such. Stand to pay around USD50/MYR250 or more for them.

Sure, you can buy cheap ones, but they’re likely to be crap.

There’s a reason to go branded, or at least higher quality ones, for better build and safety.

Well, with its little Qi-certified wireless charger, Xiaomi is about to rise up to the challenge.

The Mi Wireless Charger is a good-looking charge pad that almost looks like a flatter Google Home mini.

Rated at 7.5W, it’ll fast charge any Qi-capable device, that means even the iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and of course the new Mi MIX 2S.

The ultimate shocker though, is its price: CNY99, which translates to around USD15/MYR60.

Fell off your chair yet?

The bad news is, it’s only available in China for now and is likely to be snapped up Xiaomi powerbanks.

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Let’s hope they can make enough to distribute it to overseas markets soon.

What do you think?

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