iPhone 4 White vs Black Thickness Comparison - Engadget

White iPhone 4 Thickness A Concern for Case Makers?

iPhone 4 White vs Black Thickness Comparison - Engadget
Source: Engadget

For some, the availability of the white iPhone 4 is a long time coming. Jump for joy as you may, but as reported by Engadget, the differences in thickness may spell trouble for case makers. Apple’s official published specs for the iPhone 4 (black version) is 9.3mm depth while the white version is 9.5mm. Due to Apple’s strict guidelines and tight tolerances set for manufacturers, bigger, more well-known case makers who adhere to the guidelines may find themselves having fitting problems.

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Phil Schiller mentioned recently that the iPhone team needed to add extra UV protection and also do other tweaks, to reduce “unexpected interactions” between the cover’s whiteness and the internal components. Therefore, sacrifices had to be made where slimness was concerned, for a better functioning phone. While we in Malaysia will have 2 versions to worry about, our Apple friends in the US have the white iPhone 4, black iPhone 4, white Verizon iPhone 4, or black Verizon iPhone 4. Fragmentation, hmm..haven’t we heard that before?
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