Webe quietly rolls out wireless broadband at MYR59/month

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Right before the Christmas holidays, webe has sneakily revealed a data-only wireless plan – webe broadband — for just MYR59/month. As you know, the TM-wireless-telco-formerly-known-as-P1’s unique proposition from the beginning is one single unlimited plan for all. Looks like the new kid on the block is expanding its horizons.

Webe’s single unlimited postpaid plan offers unlimited calls, SMS and data MYR79/month (promo price). This is for a single device, and add-ons like tethering and international roaming cost extra. Which is pretty compelling, especially if you have family members or friends added to the mix. Webe offers a discount tier for additional subs, to as low as MYR49/month per user.

So back to the new wireless broadband offering. This is targeted at data-only use, specifically for tablets and mobile Wi-Fi modems (MiFi). The plan costs MYR59/month and you’ll get 10GB of data quota each month. For a limited time (till 28 February 2017), webe is throwing in an additional 20GB for a total of 30GB. When you hit your quota, speeds will be throttled to earthly 128kbps.

The great news is, this wireless broadband plan can be shared up to 10 concurrent devices, without a tethering charge.

It’s a straightforward plan without any activation fee, aside from the low MYR50 upfront fee when you sign up. There’s no minimum contract.

Note that this is a data-only SIM and you will not be able to make calls or send texts with this.

If you’re wondering what sort of network webe broadband is running on, you’ll probably be happy when I tell you it’s webe’s 4G LTE network. And not the legacy P1 WiMAX network. Webe’s own network is expanding, and you’ll see bigger coverage in 2017. Urban and most populous areas seem to be covered, but best to double-check the coverage map before you commit to a subscription.

Visit webe broadband for more information.

Source: Soyacincau, webe

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