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Internet data means different things to different people. For me at least, it means staying connected, keeping entertained and working on-the-go. Never-ending data, on the other hand, brings another set of limitless possibilities. Pioneered by new-kid-on-the-block webe, the never-ending preposition is an enticing one. Who doesn’t want 9,999,999GB of data, free calls and SMS, for just MYR79/month?

So, imagine a world where you’re liberated from contracts, data caps and a throttled internet speeds. Oh wait, you’re already in that world right now.

OK, hold on to that thought. Now use both hands and crumple it into a ball, and toss it in the bin. You can say goodbye to that now.

With webe’s one and only, single, limitless plan, you’re invited to a new paradigm where mobile internet is concerned. There’s no long term contract to sign, there’s data that never ever ends; free calls and SMS, and a simple, affordable MYR79/month fee.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

But here’s a question that really matters. Now that we have all this data, what do we do with them?

For me, video is essential part of my daily life. Whether it’s catching up on YouTube tech reviews and travel videos, or watching silly short Facebook videos, I tend to consume when I’m on-the-go or commuting.

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I’m also a huge Netflix and iflix binge-watcher, so I catch up with my latest TV series when I can. The great thing is, when I’m flying, I can download and watch offline on the plane.

It’s not all about consumption though. I take a lot of videos, too. These are uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and most of the time when I’m out and about. It could be little 60-second snippets I shoot at an event, or 15-second Instagram story (life in 24 hours!). It’s all video.

Next thing worth mentioning is video-calling. I tend to video-call when I’m traveling, and away from loved ones. On my travels, I’ll give them a tour of the hotel room or view of the environment. Video-calling is just a better, more visual way to keep in touch.

Video-calling is a good way to do “technical support.” You know, when mom has issues with the lappie, and you need to show her how troubleshoot. Or vice versa, when you’re cooking a new dish, and you need to show her if you’re doing it right. Little things like that.

The cool thing about all of this – the never-ending data that you’ll never have to think about or care about. Because it’s just there.

Just so you know, webe has a special promo with the Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro where it’s bundled with a 9-month webemobile plan.

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No contracts, just limitless possibilities.

Visit www.webe.com.my for more information.

This post was brought to you exclusively from webe.

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