Want to get rid of your old phone? Huawei now offers online trade-in

Huawei Online Trade-in
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Have an old smartphone lying around? How about putting it to good use, and trade it up for a new one? Huawei is now offering a device trade-in service via its official e-commerce portal – Vmall.my. The #3 smartphone maker in the world is the first in Malaysia to offer the service.

Huawei has focused heavily on consumer experience and customer service. It’s now taking another step forward – towards environmentally-friendly operations. The move to offer online trade-ins is a positive move towards raising awareness about e-waste management and environment sustainability.

The green initiative benefits both consumer and the environment, offering a hassle-free and convenient way to dispose of old hardware. Old devices will be processed depending on condition.

Here’s how it works:

Head over to Vmall.my for an easy 5-step process.

  • #1 To start, select your phone brand and model. The system supports major phone brands including from Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung and even Huawei.
  • #2 State the device condition: Good, Functional or Broken
  • #3 You’ll need to enter the device IMEI code (sticker that comes with the product, or dial #060# on the device)
  • #4 Enter your details and pick-up information. Register a Vmall ID if you’re not a member of Vmall yet.
  • #5 Verify information, then submit the order.
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Once the order has been placed, the service supplier will pick the device up from your doorstep and provide you with an e-voucher. The e-voucher can be used to make purchases on Vmall.

The online trade-in service by Huawei is a great move by the smartphone maker, showing it is serious about delighting customers and caring for the environment.

Now, where’s that old BlackBerry of mine?


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