[Video] A Day in the Life of the Talented Yuna Zarai

Yuna Zarai, Samsung GALAXY Note ambassador
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Malaysia’s multi-talented indie singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai, more popularly known as Yuna, recently struck a creative collaboration with Samsung, where she has pretty much become the face of the GALAXY Note. As you know, Yuna and Samsung have embarked on a special creative project called “The Sparkle Project” where fans and the public can take part in co-creating the music video by submitting visual suggestions and ideas for her single via digital space. Want some insight on The Sparkle Project and of Yuna’s typical day with her GALAXY Note? Watch the video after the jump.

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The video was shot entirely on the GALAXY Note.

7.30am Wish I can have another 30 minutes in bed, but busy day ahead! Off to freshen up and get dressed. Hmm…I am feeling for the purple headscarf today.


8.35am Having a healthy breakfast while checking emails on my GALAXY Note. Also replying to Tweets here… Its way more convenient to type on my Note.


10.05am Off to a meeting. Traffic is slow, time to check on my day’s schedule on my reliable GALAXY Note. Meanwhile, surfing Facebook! ?


10.37am Just got a fan “GALAXY Note-d” and posted the photo on Facebook. I can easily crop images with my S Pen and doodle on it. Artistic and fun!


12.30pm Meeting’s over. It’s time for a cuppa and some lunch. Craving for my favourite sandwich from this lovely deli located just two blocks away.


1.30pm Received a text from that special someone ? Made my day.


1.55pm Oh spotted a cute kitten and quickly took a picture with my handy Note camera. The picture quality is so crisp and clear! Surely a great addition to my online picture collection.


2.30pm Time for make-up and wardrobe. I have media interviews all afternoon! Excited to tell them more about The Sparkle Project ? (www.sparkleproject.my)


4.42pm Media interviews over. I love talking to my media friends especially on my projects. Now it’s time to head over for a recording session and after that, a video shoot!




Crawling through traffic… Time for some videos. ? HD images on this 5.3” wonder, truly satisfying. It feels like watching TV.


6.05pm Thankfully I have arrived safely and on time…well, 5 minutes late but the team was cool with it.


9.32pm Day’s almost over… Tired but exhilarated. But I manage to record some videos backstage. Edited it and added some funny captions. I shared this with the crew and they really like it.


11.54pm Time for some shut eye… An interesting lyric just crossed my mind. Need to just write this down into my Note before I forget them. Oh, and set the alarm for tomorrow too.


12.23am Good night friends and sweet dreams! Zzzz….


Check out and contribute to The Sparkle Project 


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