Unixx engine oils make entry into Malaysia

Contix Asia Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based lubricant company has introduced its Unixx range of high quality engine oils to the Malaysian market. The oils are produced at ISO-certified facilities in Singapore and Thailand and meet the highest API and ACEA standards, as well as various OEM specifications, emission and energy standards.

First introduced in the more matured automotive market in Thailand two years ago, Contix Asia has embarked on an expansion mission, the first stop being Malaysia.

Contix is confident that Unixx is ideal for driving conditions in Malaysia, providing good protection and stability, resulting in a cleaner, more responsive engine.

Unixx currently has range of oils including the fully synthetic Unixx Professional Formula 5W-40 engine oil, a synthetic blend Unixx Performance Formula 10W-40 engine oilr, a 10W-30 and 15W-40 Diesel engine oil.

Contix said it will expand its offerings in Malaysia to include Unixx Racing Formula engine oils. These high performance oils are fomulated with Polyalphaolefins (PAO), including a specially-formulated 5W-50 fully synthetic oil suitable for racing cars.

Unixx also has a range of industrial lubricants marketed in China, Thailand and Myanmar.

The launch of the brand coincided with the company’s involvement in the Thailand Super Series happening this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit.

Contix Asia is in its third year as the official sponsor of Unixx TR Motorsports Race Team.

The team were champions of the 2017 Thailand Super Series, Supercar GTC class, competing in a 375WHP first generation Porsche 997.

In the previous year, the team was runners-up in the Thailand Super Production category, racing in a Honda City.

Thomas Raldoft, the team’s driver for 2018, is racing in the second-generation Porsche 997 GT3 this weekend at Sepang. The 4L 510WHP race car will be put through its paces, lubricated, naturally, with Unixx’s 5W-50 Racing Formula.

Unixx also actively supports grassroot motorsport events. The brand is the main event sponsor of GXP in Thailand and is also a sponsor of the Unixx JMS Tuner Motorsport team.

JMS Tuner participates in the Malaysian Speed Festival, where it finished fifth overall last season, and took the chequered flag in Round 1 2018.

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Pricing and availability

Unixx engine oils are available from main distributors Kelana Masa Sdn Bhd (Tel: +603-55692808) and KLF Automate Sdn Bhd (Tel: +6011-16357277, Email:

Price list as below:

  • Unixx Fully Synthetic 5W-40 (4L) – MYR222
  • Unixx Semi Synthetic 10W-40 (4L) – MYR119
  • Unixx 10W-30 Diesel (6L + 1L) – MYR208
  • Unixx 15W-40 Diesel (6L + 1L) – MYR153

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