You can now hail taxis in a flash with UberTAXI and UberFLASH

UberTAXI and UberFLASH
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Three years since it first disrupted (in a positive way of course) the Malaysian public transport landscape, Uber continues to explore new ways to serve urban commuters. Thus, it has just unveiled two new products–UberTAXI and UberFLASH, meaning more choice for commuters.

UberTAXI adds a new dimension to the Uber service, now making available taxis (I know what you’re thinking)–including sedans and MPVs right from the Uber app. One might argue that this is an about-turn from its original proposition which is “ride-sharing” and using everyday passenger cars. And I can’t blame you.

This is somewhat of a reverse chronology of Grab (formerly MyTaxi) which started off as an e-hailing app for existing taxis, then evolving into passenger cars. Competition is good for consumers I guess, with competitors trying to outplay each other, even if it means copying each other.

So, as with any taxi service, prices are based on the taxi meter, and may also be subject to dynamic pricing in times of high demand.

You may be asking, “how’s the quality of taxis and what is Uber doing to ensure they’re up to par?” Ride-sharing services like Uber and Grab were precisely the fresh air commuters needed after decades of poor taxi service experience. Uber says it maintains standards you’re accustomed to as an Uber customer. Driver-partners and vehicles are vetted through, and need to pass a background check.

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Uber reiterated that its mutual rating system contributes to the “great Uber experience.” As does its customer support infrastructure that remains available at all times.

Next, UberFLASH. The new “flash” option is exactly how its rival’s “JustGrab” works. UberFLASH connects to a driver-partner that’s closest to you–this means it can be a taxi or an uberX on the network.

The advantage of this is that there will be more cars available, and also means less waiting time. You’ll also enjoy the same affordable uberX prices, and will know your fare upfront before you confirm your ride request.

Uber believes the new options are a win-win for driver-partners and customers. As a customer, you’ll enjoy faster pick-up. Meanwhile, taxi- and partner-drivers will benefit from Uber’s efficient matching engine, translating to better earning potential and efficiency.

What do you think of Uber offering taxis? What’s your experience with Uber and taxis? Comment below.

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