U Mobile whips the competition, gives 3GB data for RM28/month

U Mobile
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The orange telco has done it again. Answering the customers’ call for more data, U Mobile has introduced enhanced postpaid plans with the most data allowance in town. U Mobile declares it “making Malaysia’s widely recognised best postpaid plan better than before.” In one fail swoop, it has one-upped the competition — with its entry level postpaid plan U28 bundling 3GB of data for just RM28/month.

The mobile trends paint a data-centric, highly-connected future. There are more than 10 million smartphone users in Malaysia and most spend more than 3 hours a day on the mobile web. Top apps and services used by Malaysians include WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, YouTube and Facebook Messenger (Data: Ericsson Mobility Report 2015). While voice and text usage dip, the appetite for data consumption is rapidly rising, be it for work or leisure. So the move to bundle more data is a timely one.

U Mobile currently has three anchor postpaid plans – U28, P50 and P70, which can offer significant savings of 30% to 40% on monthly bills over postpaid plans within the same category.

The entry-level U28 plan bundles 3GB of data, 50mins of voice calls, 100+200 SMS (intra and inter-networks) and free internet roaming of 50MB per day.

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Moderate users can opt for the P50 plan that delivers 5GB of data, 50mins of voice calls (free 30 mins every day) and free internet roaming of 50MB per day.

Heavy data users should be enticed by the P70 plan that brings 7GB of data, 70mins of voice calls (free 30 mins every day) and free internet roaming of 50MB per day.

The P50 and P70 plans also give you the ability to share calls and data across 3 SIMs, and also carry forward talktime.

That’s not all though. For all plans, U Mobile includes free data for video streaming on YouTube and Tonton during off-peak hours; free music streaming all day and night on KKBOX, MY FM, Hitz.FM and Era.FM; and free internet roaming in nine countries.

Subscribers also get to enjoy U Card privileges, which include redemption of products and gifts from U Mobile and over 70 lifestyle merchants spanning across 2,800 retail outlets nationwide.

There’s no denying consumers will find the new U Mobile plans attractive, and spur some to port over. The competition in the telco space is certainly hotting up of late, with two of the three big telcos already in a price war – offering more data for less. 3GB for RM28, it’s worth considering isn’t it?

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  • tan gookuan

    Celcom first become hot topic.. this plan provide 3GB data + 3GB wifi..
    most of my colleagues bought it..

    • wenwen

      What do you mean by 3GB wifi?

    • tan gookuan

      u can connect to celcom wifi when u are in shopping mall… then u can save your data..

  • Edward

    Celcom promotion till 16/7.. Today already last day..

    • wenwen

      Omg!! i havent buy it , where can i get ?

    • Edward

      celcom outlet and blue cube… this plan also provide 50 mins free calls and 50 sms..

    • hana love

      my frens all rush to buy it because very worth and alot of benefits that can get from it..
      they said maxis too expensive..better get celcom first 38…although this plan got charge GST , still no more Rm50..very low price..

  • wenwen

    My fren just change from Umobile to celcom because of the carry foward unused data function.
    He told me only celcom provide this kind of function.

    • tan gookuan

      if u finished your quota, u still can surf internet..
      celcom first 38 is not pay per use..

  • hana love

    yaya,heard that Umoblie coverage is not good especially in rural area. No connection at all.
    Celcom got one plan called first 38 , only sell Rm38. I think that celcom coverage is better as it is using 4GLTE. The speed of internet is fast .

  • Tansri Hopuipui

    but umobile is slow

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