Unlimited HERO P99: Could this be the ultimate unlimited postpaid plan?


The word “unlimited” has been thrown around a lot amongst the local telcos for quite a while now, and to be frank, the term sometimes borders on being “scamlicious.” And that’s putting it nicely. U Mobile today though, has introduced a postpaid plan that may just change my mind. And yours. The Unlimited HERO P99 postpaid plan costs MYR99 per month and gives you unlimited data with no speed cap, free 30GB data for hotspot or for sharing, as well as unlimited local calls to all networks. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s have a look.

So, wait. What does “unlimited” mean? To me, it’s pretty simple. It means unthrottled internet speeds. It means never-ending data. It means free calls and texts. It means I can browse, download, upload, chat, social share and more without worry.

What U Mobile is doing with Unlimited HERO P99 is all this and more.

For a fixed monthly fee of MYR99, you’ll get full-speed unlimited data, unlimited calls to all networks, 30GB of hotspot data or for sharing with three “Share 20” member lines and additional 3GB free data for roaming (Roam-Onz).

On the subject of Member Lines, it costs MYR20 per line. The option lets you share data as a pool to each member. Each member line also get 30 minutes of free calls to U Mobile numbers daily.

As if not enough, the orange telco is also throwing in its entire suite of “Onz” unlimited services. This includes Call-Onz, App-Onz, Game-Onz, Music-Onz, Video-Onz and Waze. These apps enable you to use your favourite streaming, music, gaming and social media services without touching your monthly data quota.

Here’s how the other telcos stack up to U Mobile’s new plan.

On paper, there is no contest is there?

Of course, when it comes to a telco, you’ll need to consider other variables as well like network performance and coverage, and customer service. But judging from the plan itself, it’s safe to say it’s the best plan under MYR100. In fact, I think it blows away everything else at any price, at this point in time.

If you’re a current U Mobile subscriber you can call 1318 to upgrade to the new plan, or you can also port-in and switch.

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