Test-driving U Mobile’s Unlimited Mobile Internet prepaid plan

U Mobile’s brand new prepaid offering now comes with free on-net SMS along with free calls from one U Mobile to another U Mobile number.
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U Mobile is Malaysia’s award-winning, fast-growing telecommunications provider. Its forte lies in offering tremendous value on top of great service. One of its key strengths is in the realm of prepaid plans.

I’ve been a U Mobile prepaid user for less than a year (and now also postpaid broadband user), using the Unlimited Mobile Internet plan (only RM28/month) with a BlackBerry Internet Services rider on top of the main plan.  I’ve been impressed by overall service and the nice extras that come with the prepaid plan.

The Real ‘All-in-One’

U Mobile’s prepaid plan is the only true blue ‘all-in-one’ plan where a user can really have it all. What does that mean? It means free calls, free SMS, unlimited mobile internet (500MB up to 42Mbps speeds), free roaming to Singapore, special bonuses & privileges, great coverage and flexibility.

The free call promotion is pretty awesome. I get to make free voice calls within the U Mobile network with absolutely no limit to the amount of friends or family. It is time-based where free calls are time between 00:00am to 6:59:59pm. This is of course subject to a Fair Usage Policy of 60mins a day. Calls during peak hours from 7pm – 11.59pm are chargeable at a low rate of RM0.03/30sec.

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Text more, get more!

For heavy texting users like me, U Mobile offers 20 free SMS for every 6 SMS sent. This is valid for subscribers to the prepaid plan beginning 20 January. Subscribers after this date are not entitled to the free SMS promo, but do enjoy all-day free calls.

Gift for speed demons

One aspect of U Mobile’s service that I enjoy most is the data speeds. Unlimited mobile internet connectivity of up to 42Mbps every day, for less than RM1 per day. I get great latency and consistent speeds every where I go. Important for checking and replying emails on the go, updating social networks, uploading and downloading pictures and files. Hit your quota? Don’t worry, just credit RM10 and get a ‘boost’ of up to 3 days with unlimited speeds.

Chewing gum is banned, but roaming is free

Something I’ve used more than once is free roaming to Singapore. You get charged only local Malaysian rates if you roam on the Starhub network. The next time you’re in the Lion City for a visit, fret not of expensive international calls; pay local Malaysian rates!

Rewards, rewards, rewards

I haven’t claimed any of my rewards as a U Mobile customer yet, but know that the U Mobile prepaid customer can enjoy discounts, vouchers and exclusive packages with over 60 merchants in over 800 outlets nationwide. This includes well-known brands like Starbucks, Boost Juice, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Purple Cane Tea Art Centre & Restaurant. Subscribers can also enjoy up to 50 percent discounts off rack rates with Berjaya Resorts nationwide. Nice.

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What’s also great about U Mobile’s prepaid plan is flexibility. The plan offers longer validity period of up to 90 days, as opposed to 30 days offered by other operators.

Here’s an overview of U Mobile’s prepaid plan offerings, and rate comparisons.

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U Mobile Prepaid other charges
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U Mobile compared to other telcos
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U Mobile compared to other telcos

I’ve ‘converted’ some friends & acquaintance to U Mobile and they’ve been happy customers so far. Since it offers a cheap to run prepaid plan, there really is no harm in trying. Here are some locations where you can grab your prepaid starter pack. Or be like me where I placed my order online and had the pack shipped to my address.

No hassles. Exactly what a prepaid service should be 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    But how do I know how many free minutes and SMSes I have left?

    • vernieman

      Plug the SIM into your phone and key in 1188# to check your balance :). You can also register an online account to check/manage your account.

  • guest

    is’t possible to use this sim as a prepaid sim for a mobile broadband?

    • Vernon Chan

      Yes it is. 

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