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Well, it’s iPhone 7 time. And as expected, all major telco players have rolled out their iPhone 7 bundles and plans. Now, for the past couple of years, U Mobile has ruled the roost in terms of offering the best deal for Apple’s smartphones. And it looks like it’s going to be the same story with the iPhone 7.

Whether you choose postpaid or prepaid, U Mobile keeps it simple with its iPlan – offering a single 24-month contract. Device prices start from as low as MYR1,800.

In terms of mobile plans, U Mobile retains its i40, i60, i90 and i130 offerings, delivering 1.5GB, 3GB, 7GB and 10GB of data respectively.

A huge perk for U Mobile subscribers is Video-ONZ, which allows you to stream content from major OTT providers and services without using your internet data quota. For i40 and i60, Video-ONZ data quota matches bundled internet data quota within those plans. For instance, i40 gets 1.5GB internet data quota, plus 1.5GB additional for Video-ONZ.

Similarly, with i60, you’ll get 3GB of Video-ONZ data. Meanwhile, for i90, you’ll enjoy 7GB of Video-ONZ data.

For the top-rung i30 plan though, subscribers will enjoy unlimited Video-ONZ, something its HERO Postpaid 98 plan offers as well.

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The Video-ONZ offer extends till 31 December 2016.

iPhone 7 U Mobile
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Back to iPhone 7 device prices. Here’s the full list:

iPhone 7 32GB
i40 – MYR2,520
i60 – MYR2,400
i90 – MYR2,160
i130 – MYR1,800

iPhone 7 128GB
i40 – MYR2,945
i60 – MYR2,825
i90 – MYR2,585
i130 – MYR2,225

iPhone 7 256GB
i40 – MYR3,370
i60 – MYR3,250
i90 – MYR3,010
i130 – MYR2,650

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
i40 – MYR3,020
i60 – MYR2,900
i90 – MYR2,660
i130 – MYR2,300

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
i40 – MYR3,445
i60 – MYR3,325
i90 – MYR3,085
i130 – MYR2,725

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
i40 – MYR3,870
i60 – MYR3,750
i90 – MYR3,510
i130 – MYR3,150

Expectedly, there is upfront payment for the different iPlans. The fee, ranging from MYR240-960, will be rebated into your bill across 24 months.

There’s a way to escape paying this upfront payment however. If you sign up for auto-debit with your credit card (sorry, no debit cards), upfront payment is waived.


When it was introduced, UPackage was pretty groundbreaking, and for most part, still is. This offers the most convenient way to own an iPhone. It lets you pay for the iPhone and mobile plan with 0% interest instalments in a single bill via your credit card. Caveat? It applies only to the i90 and i130 plans.

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To learn more, head over to U Mobile’s UPackage page.

iPhone 7 U Mobile
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U MicroCredit Instalment Plan

In addition to UPackage, U Mobile has another trick up its sleeve – U MicroCredit. It’s a full financing plan that lets you take home the iPhone 7 from as low as MYR117 per month.

Here’s a sample breakdown

iPhone 7 32GB + i90 iPlan, with a 24-month repayment tenure = MYR227.90 per month

If you don’t require full financing, you can opt for Flexi U MicroCredit and take a partial loan for your new device.

For instance, if I buy the iPhone 7 32GB (SRP: MYR3,199) and choose MYR1,000 of financing with a 24-month repayment tenure, bundled with an i90 plan, it works out to be MYR125.90 per month. The amount due upon registration is MYR2,010.40.

In general, a fixed interest rate of 1.5% is levied for loan amounts below MYR3,000. Amounts above MYR3,000 enjoy a lower 1.1% interest rate.

For more information on U MicroCredit, visit the U Mobile.

If your mind’s muddled and you’re unsure which telco iPhone 7 bundle offers the best value and options, check out Soyacincau’s awesome plan comparison post.

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