U Mobile refreshes POWER Prepaid plan with even more free data

U Mobile POWER Prepaid Plan
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U Mobile’s prepaid business has been growing steadily, thanks to its aggressive plans and freebies. Its POWER Prepaid plan is an industry benchmark, thanks to its low-entry fee and unmatched bundled benefits. Well, it’s about to get better. Team orange has announced that it’s giving 3GB of free data to its prepaid subscribers. But wait, there’s a caveat. Read on.

A POWER Prepaid Starter Pack costs just MYR8.50. With it comes 200MB of high speed data (up to 4G LTE), MYR5 of preload airtime credit, 150 minutes of free calls (on-net, valid for 10 days). Basic internet speeds of 64Kbps is bundled, subject to a fair usage policy (FUP). Call rates to all networks is 5sen/30s, the lowest in the prepaid segment. SMS to all networks is 8sen/SMS.

So what exactly has changed?

If you remember, U Mobile gives you 1GB of free high-speed data per month, for life, when you do a one-time RM10 reload. Yes, you read that right. Free for life. The only catch is that you need to keep the line active. Which means, the bare minimum of MYR1 per day.

You can also add on UMI or MB data riders if you need more high-speed data.

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The validity of the prepaid pack is 10 days (active) and 60 days of passive period.

What’s different now is that U Mobile is throwing in 2GB worth of free basic internet on top of the free for life 1GB high-speed data. An upgrade of sorts. Previously, U Mobile’s basic internet data quota was unspecified, but assumed to be 500MB.

Note that other telcos like Maxis, Digi and Celcom currently have data caps of 500MB each for free basic internet. As a refresher, Maxis’ #Hotlink was the first prepaid to offer free basic internet.

The quest to be ‘always on’

In the era of 4G LTE, and upcoming LTE-A with speeds in excess of 3Gbps DL/1.5Gbps UL, what can one do with 64Kbps basic internet? Well, the good news is that you’ll never be disconnected*. You’ll never be completely data-less even if you’ve run out of prepaid credits*.

*This is assuming you don’t ever hit the 2GB data quota.

64Kbps is good enough for WhatsApp messaging, social updates, basic browsing, email and even navigating via Google Maps or Waze.

Hypothetically, if you use 64Kbps of data for 24 hours, you’ll be burning around 691.2MB per day.

1KB (Kilobyte) = 8Kb (Kilobit)

1MB (Megabyte) = 1,024Kb (Kilobit)

64kbps (Kilobits per second) = 0.008MBps (Megabyte per second)

0.008 x 60 x 60 x 24 = 691.2MB per day

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be using data for 24 hours in a day of course, but hey, it’s “good to know.”

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The bottomline

By U Mobile standards, this isn’t a huge update. However, it does reaffirm its competitiveness in the prepaid segment. After all, who doesn’t like ‘free’? Let’s see how the competitors react to this.

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  • Amy

    Wow…that’s amazing. I think I should migrate to Celcom too.

  • Marina

    I’m using Celcom X-pax because of the benefit that I could get. I need more internet and I just subscribe to Internet Plan, Monthly I pay for RM50 and I get another 9G and it is good for me

  • Yi Sheng Chang

    May i know who is using this plan and whether is good or bad ?

  • nelsonfang

    UM can unlimited swing video during a specific time like xpax?

    • Hikaru Kok

      xpax also not unlimited swing video, xpax is 333 MB given during the night time, Free 500MB social chat. Don confuse, it is not unlimited swing video

  • Nguyen King

    i think xpax(celcom) is quite better than umobile new plan, umobile line is not that stable

    • Yi Sheng Chang

      actually umobile no bad also la their plan quite good

    • Sao Xian Chen

      Saya rasa mereka take kira Umobile atau Xpax pun ada ia punya kebaikan la

    • nelsonfang

      saye ni user Um, sini kata 3GB percuma, tapi i punya tiap tiap bulan bayar tiga puluh lebih, ade ke free?

    • Raisha aziz

      If you need more quota, Celcom X-pax is the best for you to subscribe because with this plan, you can get free 10 GB Internet Burung Hantu, FREE 500MB Social Chat, FREE 200MB Hi-speed internet, You can get 10% less for every reload when you buy via 11 street.

  • DivasLim

    umobile when will upgrade their plan?

  • Muthu a/l Ganesh

    It’s so confusing whether want subscribe to UMobile or Celcom as UMobile power prepaid pack give free 3GB every month but celcom with Xpax Turbo plan give 10GB per month. Must choose wisely in terms of price and free data allocation that has been given. Hurm ..

    • Jin

      depends on your data usage. 10gb free internet data is only available from 1am to 7am. if you use much internet data during night time this plan should be suitable for you.

    • CanTak Ng

      Although 10GB for Burung Hantu but now it has limited 333mb per day only lo…
      what we can do for 333mb everyday?
      not even can last for 1 hour, how to stream from 1am to 7am?

    • Jason Ng

      finally like magic sim but more better than it
      it’s great free 333mb after finish can addon

    • Hatyai

      Just subscribe another xpax internet if need more quota. For example, my gold. No need for negative comment here if you required more data.

    • Muthu a/l Ganesh

      I had heard about my gold plan before, quite okay plan as it offers carry forward data when cant finished internet data in a month perhaps. Other peoples should subscribe to this plan if they would still loyal to celcom as they said xpax turbo dont have carry forward and limited of data.

    • Calvin

      Could not agree more, that’s right. People tend to think the free data is available during day time and subscribe to it. Then, later they regret it and blaming the telco without consider the enough info first.

    • CikBedah

      Perhaps the data allocation has been made when it comes to the facebook and youtube usage that quite comfortable for subscriber i guess as they can use the data wisely even xpax turbo dont have carry forward data anymore.

    • Annie Chang

      but their quota allocation really bad and a lot of bad comment on it
      for me i will choose umobile because it is cheaper and i stay in KL which is in the strongest coverage area

    • Muthu a/l Ganesh

      I think celcom also have the strongest coverage in KL perhaps maybe there’s lots of negative comment on it but umobile or other telcos also has their own bad sides that have to improve in terms of many aspects. Same goes to telcos, no telcos perfects right.

  • YuuEr Xiao

    Why dont u use whatsapp or wechat la… y still need unlimited call? Im using Magic Sim other than unlimited call to same network i like their promotion during raya… free waze and unlimited burung hantu on Raya period… think wisely what kind of plan you wanted…

    • Felix Ong

      Agree with you bro. The burung hantu is quite a good plan for me to spend my raya holidays hahaha

    • Kings and Queens

      May I know what is the burung hantu plan??

    • kohsiong meng

      i also wan to know more abt burung hantu plan. sound interesting ler..

    • Felix Ong

      You can refer to the website I given at upside. Now the Burung Hantu plan is having bonus for XPAX users eh.
      RM5 to get unlimited data at 1am-7am owh

    • hush sushi

      But now digi 1 wk for 1.2gb only rm9, this cheaper right because waze also not everyday use. balik once back kl once only. dono umobile will have better plan or not. need survey oh

    • Felix Ong

      Burung Hantu plan could be purchase and use when midnight time at 1am to 7am.
      RM 2 to get 2GB and RM 5 for 10GB.

    • Kings and Queens

      LOL use data at midnight for what. I rather to sleep lor

    • Felix Ong

      Haha. We used it to download the movies and dramas at midnight. So that we can watch them on daytime mah

    • Jin

      so clever to download the movies and dramas during midnight. i think i should learn from u, hehe. now the new xpax turbo offered free 10gb internet burung hantu data, i think i should use in this way also.

    • Jin

      what is the difference between the new xpax turbo and the burung hantu plan u mentioned? izzit the same thing?

  • HeartAttack

    If they have unlimited call no useless, line not stable you cant even enjoy their benefit. So far the most stable line is Celcom but will be postpaid lo… Otherwise Xpax also can consider, both plan have unlimited call to same network but if you are light user on data go for Xpax Magic Sim plan i would recommend you.

    • Felix Ong

      I prefer prepaid plan if want save monthly cost.
      Somemore now XPAX having the free usage on Waze for XPAX users too.
      Doesn’t need to worry the shortage of data when using Waze to back hometown.

    • Kings and Queens

      Your free usage means free data to use Waze is it?
      I just so worry about my data eh. I just subscribe RM 8 for 1GB daily sometimes.

    • kohsiong meng

      why not go sign the Xpax L plan ? RM38 got 4GB then somemore got free Waze data usage ma

    • jap chi

      why not go sign the Xpax L plan ? RM38 got 4GB then somemore got free Waze data usage ma

    • Kings and Queens

      I’m considering to change to XL plan to. Due got unlimited call and free calls to other network.
      See lar. Still doing research haha

    • lurve, p34c3

      Yea xpax is attractive because of the waze. nowadays so jam everywhere in klang valley, if got some update also good. no need to wait for radio announce also can check d. my colleague also uses this to leave office everyday. plus xpax lowest also rm18 1gb a week so cheap oh

    • Felix Ong

      Ya. You can use Waze without charging any data one.
      So you can use the 1GB data on other place hehe

  • domchan

    Hmm. This plan didn’t have free unlimited calls to same network? Focus on data is not what I want…

    • Felix Ong

      You use for working purpose or what? If you want both data and calls maybe can consider the XPAX Magic Sim package?
      5 Plans let you choose base on your needed. And now having Raya bonus for the users too.

    • domchan

      What’s the bonus to XPAX users? Raya bonus means in certain period only?

    • Felix Ong

      You can refer this website for the extra bonus for XPAX users.
      The one most attractive is the free usage of Waze hehe. Yea. Only for certain period only.

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