U Mobile Introduces Industry-First ‘Internet Share Plan’

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U Mobile has rolled out its new ‘Internet Share Plan’ – an innovative data-sharing plan that offers flexibility in sharing data and voice minutes with multiple devices. The plan is believed to be the first in the local telecommunications industry.

Starting at RM68 per month, the new postpaid Internet Share Plan bundles two SIM cards, 3GB of data and 60 minutes of voice calls to all networks.

Director of Marketing, Jasmine Lee said, “We at U Mobile, take prides on developing products that best suit the customerdemand. Realizing the upward trend on Internet usage and howconsumer now owns more than one device to get them connected to the internet, we have created Internet Share Plan to do just that.”

The unique plan allows for data to be shared between two numbers, in addition to voice calls and text messaging.

The plan is targeted at customers who own multiple devices or wish to share with family members. In essence, it is a value-for-money plan that helps consolidate and share usage between different devices, and cheaper to maintain compared to individual plans.

Customers have an option to share up to three devices with an additional fee of RM10 monthly for a third SIM card.

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To meet the current data needs of certain customers, U Mobile also introduced a new Super Broadband M68 plan that gives users additional 5GB of data on top of the existing 5GB quota. The additional 5GB is applicable for off-peak usage, between 2am to 8am daily.

The promotion is valid for a year for any sign up from 19 July to 31 October.

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  • Elizabeth Toh

    I’m using Umobile for my phone den tether to all my smartphones. The Rm18 plan tho. Not bad la…even though hit quota liao, still can use smoothly for basic stuff. LOL…not bad…:D

    • Vernon Chan

      RM18 has only 500MB quote right? You’re brave to be tethering on that 😀

    • Elizabeth Toh

      Yups…the most cheap one. 😛 Not too bad. Used to use the Rm28 plan. Den downgraded it to test out if the Rm18 is sufficient for me. In the end I stick with the Rm18 cuz it is enough for my basic usage. Coverage-wise Umobile is okay too. Been using it for over a year, so far so good. 😀

    • Vernon Chan

      I’ve been using the U28 since it launched and have upgraded recently to U38 for more data quota. Data speeds have been pretty consistent, and coverage isn’t really a problem anymore since the arrangement with Maxis for RAN sharing, and also expansion of its own network as well.

    • Elizabeth Toh

      Back then before they were with Maxis I had some coverage problems…but not anymore. 😀 So kinda good, so far the best…in my opinion for those who are under budget. Got free calls and sms summore leh. Kira ok la.

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