U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68 postpaid: Truly uncapped, unlimited data

U Mobile has taken the wraps off two new Giler Unlimited plans—GX68 for postpaid and GX38 for prepaid, improving upon its popular original offerings it introduced in 2018. The new plans are available now.

First, let’s see what Giler Unlimited is all about. Always one to do crazy things, U Mobile’s new plans are all about enjoying unlimited data for all your favourite things—music, videos, social messaging, social media and more. There’s absolutely no distinction between weekend and weekday data; no data limited by age; none of that nonsense.

Aggressively priced, the 2018 Giler Unlimited debutants—the GX50 postpaid and GX30 prepaid offered humongous amount of value for a competitive price. So good in fact, I moved from my Hero Postpaid P70 plan to a GX50, thanks to its unlimited quota proposition.

However, I had to contend with one thing: capped speeds. While I got to enjoy unlimited data quota, I had to plod along at 5Mbps.

This limited “unlimited” proposition is ludicrous. Especially as the 5G era looms ahead of us.

Well, that’s about to change…for the better. From the get go, both new plans are indeed BETTER.

GX68 Postpaid Plan

The GX68 improves upon the popular GX50 plan. For the most part, the two are identical—offering unlimited data quota, unlimited calls to all networks and dedicated 5GB hotspot data.

The big change: the floodgates are open. Speed is now uncapped. No more crawling at 5Mbps (although honestly, it’s bearable).

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Also, for a limited time, U Mobile is offering this plan for just MYR58 per month.

If you need more hotspot data, you can make use of the Hotspot Booster which gives you 3GB of additional hotspot data, valid for three days, at a cost of MY3.

Note that video streaming is limited to standard definition.

GX38 Prepaid Plan

Likewise, in the prepaid department, the GX38 improves upon the original GX30. Again, both plans are identical except that speeds are now doubled, from 3Mbps to 6Mbps.

U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX388
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If you need to unleash your inner speed demon, then you can add a MYR5 Data Booster 5 that will give you 10GB of high-speed 4G LTE data (valid for 14 days).

There are no voice calls included but it does come with 3GB of hotspot data.

As a limited time offer, you can subcribe to the GX38 prepaid plan for just MYR35 per month.

Overall, a great upgrade for both plans.

Get started

If you’re not yet a U Mobile customer, you can port in or sign up as a new customer online or at the nearest U Mobile store.

Alternatively, you can get started on your prepaid journey by buying the Unlimited Funz prepaid plan pack that costs MYR10, or buy with a MYR30 top-up bundle for MYR40.

The starter pack is preloaded with 200MB of high-speed internet data, 1GB of basic internet every month and comes with preloaded credit of MYR6. Standard validity is five days.

For more information, visit U Mobile.

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4 replies on “U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68 postpaid: Truly uncapped, unlimited data”

I’ve just switch plan from gx50 to gx68..The speed is still the same. Surprisingly, the gx50 is faster at times compared to gx68.
I thought if switching back to gx50..

Hi Amat,

Speed should be faster for GX68 as GX50 is capped at 5Mbps. Possibly due to the location you are at?

Bro… they never tell about video streaming… Does it still be capped at standard definition streaming or not capped at all?

Sorry for missing it out in the article (has been updated). Video streaming is still limited to standard definition I.e 480p, which is bearable for mobile.

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