U Mobile demonstrates “live” 5G use cases in Langkawi

For the better part of the year, we’ll be hearing plenty about 5G and its anticipated commercial roll-out in Q3 this year. Last week, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) together with participating telcos have been busy showcasing use cases for 5G in Langkawi, in conjunction with the MCMC-led 5G Demonstration Projects (5GDP) initiative. U Mobile showcased five “live” use cases that included remote consultation with MEDCOM, virtual reality (VR) multiplayer gaming and VR tourism.

The telco also showcased the speed of its 5G network, which achieved speeds of up to 1.2Gbps. In December last year, U Mobile showcased how 5G connectivity enabled remote GP consultation via DOCpod by DoctorOnCall.

Woon Ooi Yuen, U Mobile’s CTO said, “We are excited by the unlimited potential of 5G in progressing humanity. These use cases yield important findings which allow us to continue to disrupt the market with many services ready for roll out once 5G becomes commercially available. With 5G connectivity, geographical and socio-economic barriers can be removed and Malaysians can reap its maximum benefits together with us.”

In the first use case, U Mobile partnered MEDCOM to offer remote consultation in hospitals. MEDCOM is a 5G-enabled telemedicine device that enables doctors to offer consultation to patients remotely. The portable device provides real-time, high-quality, and ultra-reliable clinical, physiological, and diagnostic information to doctors to make an accurate prognosis from a distance.

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Next, U Mobile partnered HTC Vive to showcase how 5G can power Virtual Tourism—enabling users to experience an immersive journey at a destination remotely.

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VR gaming isn’t new, however 5G connectivity together with the HTC Vive can elevate the gaming experience further. Demonstrating the game Front Defence, U Mobile showcased how gamers can experience a clearer, more defined visuals, lag-free multiplayer gameplay.

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In the fourth use case, U Mobile partnered DoctorOnCall to showcase the remote GP consultation use case, powered by 5G. DoctorOnCall’s DOCpod is Malaysia’s first online medical video-consultation platform that combines advanced video and voice technologies with medical knowledge and experience of Malaysia’s top doctors.

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Finally, in partnership with ZTE Malaysia, the telco demonstrated Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) that achieved peak speeds of 1.2Gbps.

U Mobile said that it will be rolling out more “live” use cases involving other verticals namely smart manufacturing and education.

5GDP in Langkawi involved 35 use cases in six verticals at 25 live 5G sites, actively operating since October 2019 and will continue until March 2020, with a total investment of MYR101 million.

Malaysia is on track to roll out 5G commercially in the third quarter of 2020, as announced by Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Langkawi recently. The MCMC said Malaysia has laid the foundation to be at the frontier in deploying 5G in Southeast Asia.

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