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Trio make away with USD370,000 worth of iPhone X


The iPhone X is hot. Hot enough for a bunch of hooded thieves to snag a truckload of them in San Francisco, on Wednesday, 1 November 2017.

As reported by San Francisco news station KTSF, the heist occurred between 11.15AM and 11:30AM. Three unidentified men in hoodies staked out a UPS truck and then made way with 300 units of iPhone X’s with an estimated value of USD370,000.

The locked UPS truck wasn’t enough to deter the thieves, who broke into the truck and made away with the loot in a white Dodge van.

Police believe the heist was well planned, as the suspects knew exactly what they were looking for.

Mobile devices like the iPhone X usually have an IMEI serial number, which means they can be tracked and locked. The iPhone X will fetch a handsome sum in the market (and black market), but buyers will need to be careful as they may not be able to activate these stolen phones once IMEI’s are blocked.

Local police advises the public to purchase from an actual store.

iPhone X sales kicked off today, 3 November 2017, and response looks to be phenomenal. That may mean limited stocks. Scarcity means opportunity for scalpers and a very vibrant sellers’ market.

Based on interest within online forums and social media, some buyers are willing to pay up to USD2,000 (MYR8,000) for one of these (rare) babies.

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