TM SME Launches Unifi BIZ50 and BIZ30 Plans

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Telekom Malaysia Bhd (“TM”) introduced two new high speed broadband products specifically for the small and medium enterprises (SME) market last week. The new products – UniFi BIZ30 and BIZ50 bring high-speed connectivity via its fibre network at affordable prices.

TM currently has nearly 500,000 SME customers, and targets to convert 10% to BIZ30 and BIZ50 customers within the first year.

Over 60% of TM’s SME customers are micro-companies, 37% are small businesses and 3% medium sized set-ups.

Speaking at the launch, TM SME executive vice-president Azizi A Hadi said that TM formed the SME division in 2009 to focus on the needs of SMEs and provide them services to run their businesses efficiently.

UniFi is currently available in 94 areas in Peninsula Malaysia, covering 1.32 million premises with more than 460,000 subscribers; including 72,000 SMEs.

The BIZ30 offers download speeds of up to 30Mbps and costs RM599 a month while BIZ50 costs RM899 a month with download speeds of up to 50Mbps. Both plans comes with dynamic IP. Fixed IP options are available at a cost.

The new packages of UniFi BIZ – BIZ30 and BIZ50 come with the complimentary products and services. Here’s the full list:

  • FREE DECT phone
  • 1 WiFi Business Getaway
  • 1 TM WiFi ID
  • 10GB Web Hosting along with 2GB e-mail account
  • 1 Infoblast account; and
  • Add-on Value Added Services (VAS) options that include web storage capacities of up to 10GB and also an add-on fixed IP address.
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TM went on record to declare that all UniFi BIZ subscribers will enjoy unlimited data with no usage capping or throttling, and also the lowest call rates for businesses in Malaysia – at a flat rate of 3 sen/minute to all TM fixed lines nationwide and 12 sen/minute to all mobiles and other fixed line operators.

Subscribers to the new BIZ packages will also enjoy TM’s IPTV offering – HyppTV for Business. HyppTV for Business offers 51 channels, three additional sports channels, 11 interactive channels with 18 HD optional channels for UniFi BIZ customers. With HyppTV for Business, customers can enjoy exciting infotainment on top of high-speed fibre internet. The IPTV solution runs independently on a separate fibre allocation (8Mbps) and does not affect bandwidth of the UniFi BIZ packages.

With fibre as a backbone, HyppTV for Business guarantees uninterrupted and crystal clear transmission in HD (regardless of weather condition, take that Astro). Among the available channels are Local and Regional News, Business News, Sports, Lifestyle/Entertainment, Music, Free-to-Air and Interactive channels. There are also two bundled packages for customer to choose from – FOX Package and STAR Chinese Package.

HyppTV for Business Bundled Packages:

  • FOX Package (4 channels) – Fox Crime HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Music, Channel M
  • STAR Chinese Package (3 channels) – Channel[V] Taiwan, STAR Chinese channel, SCM Legend
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The new UniFi for Business packages complement the existing BIZ5 (RM199), BIZ10 (RM289) and BIZ20 (RM359).

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