The 4G Power Bundle: Yes 4G huddles up with Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9

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If you didn’t already know, Yes 4G had recently announced its collaboration with Samsung Malaysia to launch a special bundle in conjunction with the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9. The venerable Yes Huddle 4G mobile router cuddles with the new Tab, bringing to Malaysians the best in mobility and performance.

The package offers a total savings of RM159 as compared to when the devices are purchased separately.

The Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 is available at all authorised Samsung retailers for RM1,299. The value-for-money Samsung-Yes 4G bundle that combines the Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 (RM1,299) with the Yes Huddle (RM399) inclusive of Yes ID (worth RM50) and Yes credit worth RM90 (RM30 over 3 months) goes for a total of RM1,679. The Samsung-Yes 4G bundle is available from 25 November until 31 December 2011 at Senheng, Harvey Norman and Yes Retail outlets.

The table below shows the savings and items included in the Samsung-Yes 4G Bundle Package:

Samsung Yes 4G Savings
Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9 WiFi Huddle (RM399) Total value before savings: GALAXY Tab 8.9 + Yes Huddle + Yes ID + Yes Credit = RM1,838
Yes ID (RM50)
RM90 credit (RM30 x 3 months) Total value after savings GALAXY Tab 8.9 + Yes Huddle + Yes ID + Yes Credit) = RM1,679
Device value: RM1,299 Package value: RM539 Total savings: RM159

Made for data, the Yes 4G network is today’s answer to the plethora of digital mobile devices. And the Yes Huddle is a natural best companion to the GALAXY Tab 8.9. Tablets being content consumption devices, depend on high speed data for browsing, emailing, video streaming and file downloads/uploads.

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