MyTeksi goes premium with GrabCar

GrabCar launch

MyTeksi, Malaysia’s #1 taxi booking mobile app recently introduced a new extension to its service – GrabCar, positioned as a premium car service. Now consumers can not only book taxis with convenience, but also ride in uber comfort and safety.


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The growth of mobile phones, specifically smartphones in recent years, has paved way for a rich world of mobile apps. Apps not only enrich the smartphone experience, but also extend the functionalities of the mobile phone, once used to merely make calls. Imagine that.

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MyTeksi App Gets Sexy v2.0 Makeover

MyTeksi 2.0
New Online Web Booking that auto geo-locates you & shows nearby taxis.

MyTeksi, a for-profit social start-up that enables customers to easily book taxis via their smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), has announced a big sexy upgrade for its iOS version. Launched in June 2012 for both Android and iOS platforms, MyTeksi has seen big operators like Comfort Taxi and KPPCB (Koperasi Pengangkutan Putrajaya & Cyberjaya Berhad) embracing the new platform. There are currently over 650 taxis powered by MyTeksi to date.

MyTeksi was the runner-up in the 2011 Harvard Business School Plan Contest, and it has the distinction of being the first taxi booking and dispatch service using smartphone technologies.

Aaron Gill, MyTeksi’s Product and Technical Lead explained, “The reason behind this overhaul was to push our promise of providing passengers Speed, Certainty and Safety even further. It is a culmination of all our passengers’ and drivers’ feedback in the past one year.”

One of the key changes to MyTeksi in v2.0 is the sexier, more intuitive user interface. It allows a passenger to book a taxi in just two taps. 

The MyTeksi 2.0 app is currently available for iOS platform only, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The 2.0 app will be available soon for Android and also Windows platforms in a couple of months’ time. Commuters can also book a taxi through the web-browser interface directly from

MyTeksi 2.0
All new booking interface with nearby taxis map

You can book a taxi with MyTeksi in a variety of ways:

  • iPhone and iPad app (version 2.0) –
  • Android app (version 1.0) –
  • Online Web Booking –
  • Windows 8 app –
  • SMS Booking – send an SMS to 36881with the following information:
    • Teksi <Pick-up Address> #<Drop-off Address> #Remarks
    • For example:
    • TEKSI 123, SS21/109 #KLIA #Pintu tepi
MyTeksi 2.0 Real-time updates of booking status.


Here’s a rundown of how you use MyTeksi 2.0:

  1. Fire up the app.
  2. The app auto geo-locates you and immediately identifies your position, and shows taxis near you.
  3. Tap on “Drop-Off” and select a destination.
  4. MyTeksi will calculate the distance and approximate fare for your journey.
  5. Complete the booking by tapping “Book Now”. The app shows the status of your booking and how taxis are responding to your request.
  6. You will receive confirmation within 1 minute (whether the booking was successful or not), making MyTeksi 2.0 the fastest booking app in town.
MyTeksi 2.0 Watch your taxi move towards and Share Your Ride.


Real-time all the time
The latest updates bring the most awesome feature of MyTeksi 2.0 yet. The app now shows your taxi moving towards you ‘live’ on a map. This removes any uncertainties of whether your taxi will be arriving.

In addition, your driver’s details like full name, car plate number and ID photo are displayed on your booking confirmation screen. The app displays the route so you will always be assured that the driver is taking the proper route and not taking you ‘for a ride.’

As another security feature, MyTeksi has ‘Share My Ride’ that allows you to easily share personalised message and link privately to your loves ones and friends if you wish, on Facebook and Twitter. Once they click on your private link, they will be able to track your taxi’s whereabouts live on a map.

MyTeksi 2.0 History function for passengers to track their past rides.


MyTeksi now also allows booking cancellation, and passengers are also abe to rate (“like” or “dislike”) a driver or comment on their experience. Passengers can also view a history of their bookings.

You can catch a video of how the new MyTeksi 2.0 app works over here:

MyTeksi 2.0

Our impressions of MyTeksi:
I’ve been a MyTeksi app user since its launch in June and have been impressed by its reliability and speed. It’s highly convenient and I’ve gotten to know some really good taxi drivers who now know me by name. It’s a win-win service for both passengers and taxi drivers, and response from taxi drivers themselves have been positive.

Using the service regularly, I can honestly say it’s the best way to catch a cab!

The new MyTeksi 2.0 app certainly looks and feels much sexier. Can’t wait to try it out!

MyTeksi wants to give you an iPhone 5!
To celebrate the launch of our MyTeksi 2.0 app for iOS 5 & 6 platforms, MyTeksi is currently running a “Book, Share and Win” contest. The grand prize is the all-new iPhone 5!

There will also be 4 iPod shuffles as weekly consolation prizes. To find out more, visit their Facebook page at or their official webpage at

MyTeksi Book Share Win Contest


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