Special MaxisONE Plan for East Malaysians gives up to 12GB data, unlimited calls & SMS

MaxisONE for East Malaysia
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If you’re currently residing in Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan, here’s some good news for you. Our friends at Soyacincau have revealed that Maxis has rolled out a MaxisONE plan tailor-made for our East Malaysian friends. It offers unlimited calls and SMS and 5GB of mobile data for just MYR68/month. To sweeten the deal, late sleepers will get to enjoy unlimited surfing from 1A-7AM daily.

Of course, if you need more data, there are plans that offer even more – up to 12GB of data per month (with a caveat). There’s the MaxisONE Plan 98, 128 and 158 that offer 3GB, 5GB and 7GB of data respectively.

Talk and text is unlimited to all networks, with unlimited internet surfing from 1AM-7AM daily, subject to fair usage policy.

For the higher 128 and 158 plans, there’s Spotify Premium bundled and there’s also an option to add up to two sub lines for MYR48/line per month.

But wait there’s more. If you sign up for a Zerolution device plan, you’ll get a data bonus of 7GB, 9GB and 12GB respectively, based on the 98, 128 and 158 plans.

So how does one qualify for this? You’ll need to have a billing address in Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan.

Last year, Maxis revealed plans to solidify its network in Sabah and Sarawak. In Sarawak, LTE sites are set to get a three-fold increase between 3Q15 to 1Q16. It will also expand new coverage sites by 4x to meet demands of new townships and indoor quality enhancements.

In Sabah, LTE sites will increase by 3x from 3Q15 to 1Q16.

A little bit of a surprise from Maxis, but a good one.

Buli ba kalu kau.

Source: Soyacincau

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  • Ninelife Cat

    no use for you to complaint here. if really want to complaint, call CS. easy as ABC

    • Jameela Syuh

      They ignore complaints all the time punya lah.. No use

    • IPhone Lover

      At least we did our best. See how they do lo. Hope they will show improvement

  • Kachipa Lam

    this is tallk about the Maxis plan and nor Hotlink plan. Tell truth, i am using Maxis also. service quite good and don’t think i need to change without Maxis. haha..i am loyalthy one.

    • Jameela Syuh

      I have no issue with it too. But how come the new internet package is only available for East Malaysian? since a lot of loyalty user in every where

    • IPhone Lover

      thats right. Maxis is my main line and Hotlink is the second line for my alternative phone. It would be better if got new cheaper internet plan. Guess no 1 will refuse for cheaper thing right?

    • GotCha

      Agreed with the package but not the service, once you become their member they not going to treat you well. Bad experience ever… hidden charges appeal if you notice in your bill. When you go and ask them they blame to system… if you don’y complaint is your lost… sound funny

    • IPhone Lover

      ya weyhhhh.. now somemore still launch this kind of unfair internet package. feel like very unfair to us. We need cheaper and affordable internet package too.

    • Jameela Syuh

      Indeed. Living expenses in West Malaysia is high too

  • Jameela Syuh

    Checked from Maxis website, nothing new though. Guess you are trying to say Hotlink. East Malaysia means only for Sabah and Sarawak? Not again?! Didnt Maxis/Hotlink learn lesson from the previous issue?

    • CanTak Ng

      Yea… this is how they all do business…
      Not going to appreciate their customer at all… And it is obviously unfair for both East and West Malaysia…
      After the incident I rather switch to Celcom instead… We are the one who choose the plan, not plan choose us…

    • IPhone Lover

      thats right. should voice out to either maxis or hotlink, they shouldnt have this kind of unfair internet packages

    • Jameela Syuh

      As I know, they always ignore customer’s complaint. That’s why I wont go to complaint

  • IPhone Lover

    Maxis offers good deals only for East Malaysian? What about West Malaysian? Seriously? Being a Maxis user for 10 years and above, does it fair to us who lives in West Malaysia?

    • goh fenny

      think also for West malaysian. my brother is Maxis user RM128 maxis one plan. he also get the 10GB data monthly.

    • IPhone Lover

      not sure to the postpaid plan but the hotlink new prepaid is only available for East Malaysian. u can check from the official site

    • YoungMan

      We should voice out to them… being their loyalty customer is not easy…
      sometime the line and service is bad we are not doing anything…
      somehow has been supporting you about 6 years it dont see any in return to us…
      time to say goodbye and say hello to free contract celcom =)

    • IPhone Lover

      depends lo. different people have different perspective, consumers have the right to switch telco anytime

    • Jameela Syuh

      unlike then switch, this is all the way I do. haha

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