Smackdown: U Mobile’s Unlimited Power Prepaid vs Power Prepaid

Which is better?
U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid vs Power Prepaid
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Under its fun, quirky demeanour, U Mobile is really a serious innovator when it comes to its product offerings. Yesterday, it announced a new prepaid product – Unlimited Power Prepaid with App-Onz. From first impressions, it looks like a fantastic deal, especially with free unlimited high-speed data for social networks. But how does it stack up with its own Power Prepaid? Let’s find out.

Starting out

First things first. Let’s talk about the starter SIM pack. Like the previous Power Prepaid, the starter pack costs MYR8.50 and comes with MYR5 pre-loaded credit and a validity of 10 days.

U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid

You get free 200MB of high-speed data and free 1GB basic data (64Kbps). Additionally, you get free 10 minutes of calls daily to all U Mobile numbers.

Calls for all networks are at a competitive 12sen/30sec rate while text messages are at 12sen/SMS.

Hello, App-Onz

Now, things get more interesting when you top-up. With a minimum of MYR10 you will enjoy App-Onz, which is free unlimited data for all your social media endeavours on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is high-speed data.

U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid

In addition, you also get 10 minutes of free calls to all U Mobile numbers, and additional 1GB of free basic data every month.

Things get even better when you top up MYR30 and subscribe to the UMI 30 Plan. The data-boost will also give you App-Onz, with the addition of 7.5GB of high speed data, and Video-Onz (2.5GB for video streaming). Lastly, you’ll get 30 mins of free calls to all networks.

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Sounds good so far?

Before you take the plunge and convert your plan, or go out and buy an Unlimited Power Prepaid starter pack, hear me out.

Let’s look at the predecessor – Power Prepaid.

The first couple of elements remain the same – SIM pack price (MYR8.50), pre-loaded value (MYR5), bundled high-speed data (200MB) and 10-day validity.

U Mobile Power Prepaid

This is where it starts to be different. And it will depend on your own personal requirements to consider this an ‘upgrade’ or a ‘downgrade,’ or perhaps just ‘different.’

Voice calls for the Power Prepaid is much cheaper at 7sen/30sec while SMS is at 8sen/SMS to all networks. You’ll also get more calls at 15mins of calls daily to all U Mobile numbers.

U Mobile Power Prepaid

The unique selling proposition of the Power Prepaid is this – top up just MYR10 to enjoy free 1GB of high-speed internet every month, for life (as long as the account is active). You’ll also get free 2GB of basic internet monthly, and free calls to all U Mobile numbers.

Wait, there’s more.

U Mobile Power Prepaid

When you top up MYR30 and subscribe to the UMI 30 Plan, you only get 2.5GB of high-speed data, with 2.5GB of Video-Onz streaming. You’ll also get 30mins worth of free calls to all networks. This is in addition to 1GB of free high-speed internet, 2GB of basic internet and free calls to all U Mobile numbers (15min free calls daily).

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Refer to the chart below for a clearer picture.

U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid vs Power Prepaid

So, let’s digest this. Firstly, you’ll need to decide if you’re a social media junkie or if you prefer plain high-speed data.

Because it may seem that the previous Power Prepaid is a better deal overall, despite the presence of App-Onz in the new package.

The new plan also seems less of a deal when you top up a minimum of MYR10. You won’t have the free for life 1GB of high-speed data the Power Prepaid subscribers enjoy.

Before you cry foul though, check this out.

It pays to spend more?

Things actually take a 360-degree about turn when you top up MYR30, and subscribe to UMI 30. Suddenly, all odds turn to Unlimited Power Prepaid’s favour.

App-Onz. 7.5GB of high-speed data. 2.5GB of Video-Onz. 30mins free calls to all networks.

U Mobile Unlimited Power Prepaid

This looks plenty good.

This may just be a matter of opinion, but I think U Mobile wants its prepaid users to spend more, to enjoy even more. It’s a pretty smart move, IMHO. So, instead of the average prepaid user spending just MYR10 on top-ups monthly, it wants you to top up MYR30, because really, it’s a better deal.

So, to go Unlimited Power Prepaid or stick with Power Prepaid? You’ve read the facts, the rest is up to you.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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