Buy face masks, hand sanitisers from Shopee’s S-Mart

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s a scramble for essential supplies such as face masks, hands sanitisers, disinfectants (and toilet paper). Understandably, people all over the world are taking the outbreak seriously. In Malaysia, while there is no paranoia and panic, certain essential items like face masks are facing shortages. The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs recently engaged local face mask manufacturers to ramp up production to meet growing demand, which has tripled from usual periods.

Leading e-commerce platform Shopee is responding to these needs. It is working closely with the authorities, manufactures and distributors to ensure that these essentials are made available to all Malaysians nationwide.

Shopee said in a statement that it has secured fresh batches of KF94 masks that will be made available on S-Mart from today onwards. It is also in the process of securing additional stock of 3-ply face masks and travel size hands sanitisers (50ml) that will be sold on S-Mart starting next week.
The platform is also taking necessary steps to ensure Malaysians get fair access to these masks at reasonable prices. KF94 masks will be sold at MYR5.90 each, or in a bundle of five 3-ply masks for MYR3.90 each. Each Shopee user is limited to a maximum of one KF94 mask and 3-ply mask bundle each.

The KF94 and 3-ply face masks, as well as hand sanitisers, will be available on S-Mart at

COVID-19 situation report (official WHO)

In the past 24 hours, new countries have reported cases of COVID-19 including Brunei Darussalam, Mongolia, Cyprus, Guernsey and Panama. Globally, there are 113,702 confirmed cases (4,125 new) and 4,012 deaths to date (203 new).

In China alone, there are 80,924 confirmed cases (20 new), resulting in 3,140 deaths (17 new). Outside of China, there have been 32,778 confirmed cases across 109 countries with 872 deaths so far.

On the home front, Malaysia has reported 149 confirmed cases so far with zero deaths.

For more updates on COVID-19 visit the WHO and Malaysian MOH websites.

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