Shazam can identify songs playing through your headphones

Android only for now. Boo.
Pop-up Shazam Android

Shazam’s an app I can’t live without, and it resides on both my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S10+. It’s undeniably useful, able to identify songs playing over the radio, TV or surroundings. However, one of the gripes of the app is its inability to “hear” when you’re listening through headphones.

Well, here’s a piece of good news. A new feature that’s just rolled out—Pop Up Shazam, works with audio played through headphones.

You’ll need to enable the feature in Shazam’s settings. Once enabled, Pop Up Shazam appears as a floating icon in your phone. It overlays on top of your Home screen or running apps.

What’s cool is that once it identifies the song that’s playing, it will show lyrics to the song as well.

I tested the new pop-up feature on my Galaxy S10+ with a couple of apps including Spotify and YouTube, and it worked fine. The odd thing was, I discovered, was that Shazam would also identify songs that were playing in my surroundings outside of what’s playing through the headphones.

A bug perhaps, but still a nifty little addition to the already handy app.

Alternatively, you can also make use of Split Screen View to have an app like YouTube and Shazam open at the same time.

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Oddly, the new Pop Up Shazam feature is only available on Android at this point. Apple, as you may know, bought Shazam in 2018, so it is a little strange to see new features pop up on Android first.

Shazam services have been integrated with Siri for a while now but a pop-up rendition as seen on Android is highly unlikely. A possibility is for Shazam to be integrated into iOS’ Control Centre, much like how the current Voice Recorder or Screen Recording apps work.

Are you a Shazam user? What do you think of the new feature?

VIA The Verge, Shazam


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