Mad-looking Hyundai HyperEconiq Ioniq set to debut at SEMA 2017

Hyundai HyperEconiq Ionic
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A fully kitted out Hyundai Ioniq? Sounds interesting. Huge 19-inch wheels? Even better. How about better fuel economy? Why the hell not?

Set to make its debut at the upcoming SEMA Auto Show later this month is the Hyundai HyperEconiq Ioniq concept. Sounds like a mouthful I know, but the car itself is an awesome looking machine. The model was jointly developed by Bisimoto Engineering, a design and engineering firm based in California, U.S.A. It is described as an “innovative concept” and combines the “best hypermiling, economy and friction technologies” available.

Looking at the exterior, the Ioniq is fitted with a Bisimoto Dream Aero kit which does include a carbon fibre front splitter extended side skirts and a rear wheel cover, giving it a more aerodynamic stance which is similar to the ultra-efficient Volkswagen XL1.

Also, other additions include a rear spoiler as well as huge 19-inch carbon fibre wheels. Those changes do make the Ioniq look more aggressive and bold. However, no info has been released regarding the Ioniq’s interior. We’ll just have to wait for its official debut in SEMA to find out more.

Bismoto didn’t stop at the visual differences. They also added Buddy Club aluminium brake calipers for better stopping power as well as a Progress Performance coilover suspension. The latter modification alters the ride height of the Ioniq to make it lower.

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The reason for that is to minimize drag. In terms of power, Hyundai didn’t reveal any figures but they did however, confirm the modified Ioniq’s efficiency.

The car has been fitted with “enhanced e-generators” and NGK spark plugs. All of this including other changes, gives the modified Ioniq a combined fuel economy rating of 2.9L/100km or 40km/L. In contrast, the current on-the-road Ioniq Hybrid that we have in Malaysia is only able to achieve 4.0L/100km or 29km/L.


  • Bisimoto pulse-chamber exhaust system for enhanced volumetric efficiency
  • Racepak OBD-monitoring electronics with interactive OBD cluster
  • Bespoke eco low-friction PurOl Elite Synthetic Oil (0W20)
  • Low-rolling resistance, high-silica tires
  • ARP wheel studs
  • Buddy Club aluminum brake calipers
  • Recaro Pole Position racing seats
  • Carbon Revolution 19″ x 5.0″ CR-9 one-piece carbon-fiber wheels
    • First one-piece OEM application
  • Bisimoto Dream Aero kit (front splitter, TA wing, side splitters, rear wheel covers)
  • Progress Performance coilover suspension
    • Minimized ground clearance
    • Optimized alignment settings
  • Enhanced e-generators
  • NGK spark plugs
  • Optimized inertial supercharging during valvetrain overlap
  • Combined fuel economy well over 80 mpg (83 Bisimoto-tests)
  • Concept initial render by Matko Graphics

But overall, what do you think of this kitted out Hyundai? Is it awesome or over the top (OTT)?

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Source: PRNewsWire

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