Hello iPhone

After months and months of waiting, anticipation and more waiting, the Apple iPhone is finally here. All 2 million (at least) of them at AT&T and Apple Stores. Grab them while you can. (actually grab another while you’re at it!).

I am so, so envious. You bastards.

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  • eric

    haha the iPhone is very very hyped up in the US.

    there have been a couple of returns already with, i guess, rare and one off cases of hardware problems. (things loose here and there) but nothing serious i hear.

    one thing putting me back from getting one is the lack of flash compatibility and the EDGE network which bothers me considering the fact that the US supports higher capacity data networks. and the fact that you have to subscribe to 2 YEARS of the AT&T network (which recently ranked second last in the whole country). cheapest plan is also $60 which translates to an investment of $1440 just in call plan. adding the cost of the iPhone which is $500 or $600 that’s almost a $2000 investment for 2 years with the iPhone. pretty steep for me. hahahaa..

    but other than that, i think it’s still a cool phone. the only problem that’s really bugging me is the network.. people have been complaining that they have been waiting for more than 4 or 5 hours for authorization of the network line (even those who are ALREADY EXISTING AT&T customers). i’d be freaking out. hahaha..

    don’t be too jealous just yet. =D

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