SAS Malaysia to Offer Visual Analytics Solutions to Malaysian Businesses

SAS Visual Analytics Launch - Photo 3

SAS Visual Analytics Launch - Photo 3

Kuala Lumpur, February 21, 2013SAS Malaysia, the world’s leading business analytics software and service provider announced that it is offering a new self-service analytics solution during their press conference in Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur. Queenie Wong, Practice Lead for Information Management and High-Performance Analytics for SAS Malaysia together with Damian Lim, Senior Consultant for Information Management, Sales Support for SAS Malaysia headed the presentation and introduced the solution to the media.

During the press conference, Andrew Tan, Managing Director of SAS Malaysia described the solution as a ‘game changer’ for Malaysian businesses stating, “SAS Visual Analytics makes advanced analytics accesible to every employee and executive so that everyone can use data in every business decision. This will change the decision-making process dramatically as executives are able to make data driven decisions faster than ever before.”

He insists that the possibilities are endless and I am inclined to agree. In an impressive display of form and function, it can be concluded that the SAS Visual Analytics solution will benefit the end user tremendously, processing and displaying data in the form of customisable and interactive charts in a matter of minutes.

This solution aims to reduce the need for IT knowledge when dealing with data, empowering decision makers with real-time data that could save them time and money. The Visual Analytics shown can also be modified easily without hassle at blazing speeds through their web based interface and can be viewed via their native iOS or Android applications.

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When asked, Queenie Wong, Practice Lead for Information Manageent and High-Performance Analystics for SAS Malaysia mentioned that the solution introduced is targeted at Malaysian SMEss such as e-commerce or manufacturing businesses which deal with huge amounts of data.

However, due to its versatility, it could fit into any other category. There is no predetermined pricing structure either as the solution can be tailored to a business and SAS Malaysia will provide consultation if needed on how data can be managed. Pre-existing data can also be converted assuming that the data is complete prior to the conversion.

A demo is available for this solution at their micro-site. The demo consists of dummy data which users can then use to create visual analytics.

For more information about the solution, click to download the fact sheet here.

Interested in the technology behind the solution? Read the white paper on In Memory Analytics for Big Data.


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