Samsung Releases Evolution Kit for its Samsung Smart TV Family

Samsung 2013 Smart TV and Evolution Kit.
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The big value proposition for buyers of a Samsung Smart TV is the inclusion of the innovative Evolution Kit, designed to preserve the value of the TV set, thus extending its lifespan. The kit was first introduced in the Samsung 2012 Smart TV family (Series 7500 and above). And now Samsung has released the upgrade kit to enable older generation Smart TVs to evolve into the new Samsung 2013 Smart TV.

Consumers tend to not upgrade their TV sets often, unlike how they would with their mobile and computing devices. A TV, sometimes the centrepiece of the living room, can be a hefty investment. So in order to not have your hardware be obsoleted so quickly by the rapidly changing consumer electronics landscape, the Evolution Kit lets consumers enjoy the new Smart TV experience without having to spend more on a brand new TV. So, keep that one-year old 55″ Samsung Smart TV, plug in an Evolution Kit and off you go, as new.

Samsung 2013 Smart TV and Evolution Kit
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The Evolution Kit brings improvements to Smart Interaction – two hands gestures now possible such as flipping through panels and pages, zooming in and out of images, putting a thumbs up to “Like” on a Facebook page and rotate pictures. All very “Minority Report” as we experienced first hand during a hands-on session several weeks back. Official impressions of the experience soon.

Smart TV owners will also get firmware updates including software and hardware enhancements. The new kit brings a quad-core processor and more memory to boost performance and response.

No information with regards to pricing and availability has been provided yet.

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  • Catherine Campbell

    Nice that you would consider older consumers of your product I would buy a Samsung smart tv if I could afford one Samsung makes good tv’s

  • Tigerlily

    Classy and definitely on my wishlist for the holidays! My friend has the new one which shocked and impressed me and now I am excited that I can do similar things for a very affordable and smart investments. My vids are more enjoyable and excitable particularly with the easy access, and as Clarzon Richie said it best – Evolution makes it Smart.

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