Galaxy Note10 no longer has a Bixby button, sort of

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Bixby
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The just-launched Galaxy Note10 series introduces several firsts to the iconic Galaxy Note line. There’s certainly plenty to love about the new stylus-totting flagship device including the sleek new design and mesmerising colours, enhanced S Pen, powerful hardware and more. Samsung, however, also removed a several things from its latest device. Read on.

First on the list was a long time coming–the headphone jack. Yes, Samsung finally killed the analogue 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy Note. Welcome to the dongle life, folks. The good news is that you’ll find bundled USB-C earbuds in the box, perhaps it’s time to move ahead with the times with the Galaxy Buds or other wireless earbuds or headphones.

What you’ll notice, glaringly missing, is the Bixby button. Previously on the left of the Galaxy Note9, Samsung has removed it completely. Well, sort of. The power button has been moved from the right of the device to the left, keeping the right side devoid of any physical buttons.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Bixby button
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But hang on a minute, how do we physically call up Bixby then? (aside from saying “Hi, Bixyby” that is).

Well, what Samsung has done is combine the two functions into a single button. Hold down the power button for a second or two, and the familiar Bixby interface will pop up.

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Er, so how do you restart or shutdown the phone then? Brilliant question. You can’t unless you disable Bixby in Side key settings.

This out-of-the-box behaviour is a baffling design decision, and may be the most annoying thing about the Galaxy Note10.

An alternative execution could have been a longer press to invoke the Restart/Shutdown menu, but perhaps this can be changed in a firmware update.

What do you think of the missing Bixby button?

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